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Innisfree Lashes is one of the leading best Eyelash manufacturers and Wholesale mink lashes Vendor From China and Export to USA , We are professional Handmade of 3D 100% real siberian Mink Lashes,3D Silk Lashes or Synthetic Lashes, bottom lashes Faux Mink Lashes ,Human Hiar Lashes, Horse Hair Lashes,

Our factory’s principle is to supply false eyelash newest real high-end, healthy, fashionable and wearable Mink Eyelash for customers in all over the world .Our Mink Eyelashes prices are really competitive with High quality and toping selling in the marketing .

We also can help customized to Design eyelashes in different color,handmade Eyelashes length or short, natural or 3D Mink Eyelashes , make the eyelalsehs band/ in clear  invisible band or black band . we have try our best to make the mink eyelashes in most popular to sell in market .

About Innisfree Lashes Factory

Our factory in Qingdao City China , it covers about 3,000 square meters and We have more than 200 staff workers. Our monthly handmade capacity is 100,000 pairs eyelashes. All our skilled workers and excellent management team ensure that the eyelashes meet customer rerquirement and We have ready stock the puopular mink lashes , for orders are shipped fast. for your order in bulk quantity have discount mink lashes price Contact us to experience our fast delivery, top quality and best services.

Our Mink Lashes Quality Certificate

Who Are Your ? What Can I Do For You ? 

If you are just staring your lashes business, it will be benefits you much for choosing our products.When these four types lashes launched in the market, they immediately became hot selling products. So it is really necessary for us to take prompt action to get the advantages of the market in advance.

If you just want to learn something about price We’ll be also really happy if we can help.For your reference, our products are divided into different grades.Welcoming to click on

The key point is choosing the right product with not only upper grades but also competitive price.That’s also deeply matched with our company goal “great quality, competitive price, high cost-effective”.You will get what you pay for.

If you are buying for individual needs,it is also acceptable.We are with sincere hope to let you know our most unique 3D Mink Lashes.Neither gold nor silver prize is as valuable as your praise.We will really appreciate it if you introduce our 3D Mink Lashes to your friends.Welcoming to click here serving for yourself Welcoming to click on

About Wholesale Mink Lashes Customer

If you are wholesalers of lashes, you’ve come to the right place.It is fate and so lucky we found each other.We will supply you our most great quality products and we are sure it will match your market completely.

To be here, maybe you have some questions,ok,then keep moving.

We really hope that you can learn us more and our differentiation from other companies.We are with sincere hope to establish long term relationship with you.It’s important to have a reliable supplier when you want to extend your business.We are willing to be your most strongest shield and watch your back.

What Technology Do We Adopt?What’s the Raw Material?

All is totally maded by hand.One person can only do 10 pairs of lashes because we want assure you the great quality 3D Mink Lashes with symmetry,beauty and identical lashes tips.So it’s time-consuming.

The fur we use is all of the tail of mink.The top part of such fur is long and smooth enough with no splits.Other parts of mink fur is poor quality, short and with lots of splits.Moreover, it looks unnatural when the tips of fur are mixed up with hair follicles.

What’s the Improvements?

Most of lashes suppliers are all adopting chemical-setting measurements,so that lashes are more warped.If you ever permed the hair,do you still remember its smell.Yes,that’s it. It’s chemical solution with harmful substance to human being.If you use it for a long time,much less it contacts directly with your skin,you can imagine,it is horrible.

However, we are adopting heat-setting measurements by controlling the temperature with no chemical substance.

However, we are adopting heat-setting measurements by controlling the temperature with no chemical substance.And there is no smell of our 3D Mink Lashes.This key technology is our core competitiveness with environment certificates.You are welcome to click here to check it

Custom Eyelashes Packaging Box Services

We offer custom package services to customers with private packaging. We have More than 100 types of eyelashes packages are available. and Custom Eyelashes Packaging Box and Mink Eyelashes Private Label  for Created Your Own Brand 

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