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15-20mm 3D Mink Eyelashes Customers Views

WAY PAST worth the money!

I never write reviews but I had to make a detailed review on these. HANDS DOWN THE BEST LASHES IVE OWNED. These other review do them no justice so I had to take it into my hands to show them alone no eyeshadow or eyeliner. They are beautiful as you can see!

The 15mm lashes  are the perfect fit between natural but noticeable! They are soooooo fluffy and the lash band is amazingly thin; they almost seem like eyelash extensions! I can’t wait to order more natural ones and super dramatic ones and definitely WAY PAST worth the money! These will give you the same look as Lilly Lashes or something without breaking your bank. Will definitely be purchasing these lashes again!, Thank you for these amazing 15mm lashes! I wear fake eyelashes every day,, Hope these encourages you all to buy them bc I do not regret it one bit .



Mink eyelashes that look real

Love these lashes! Quality is AMAZING! They look real. People constantly compliment me on my lashes when I am wearing them and I always blurt out they are fake and people can’t believe it. The length is a little “much” for me so I used really fine eyebrow scissors and Trimmed them down just a bit. I don’t apply mascara to them directly, only my real lashes before I apply these, so I can get as many as 15-20 uses out of each set. The come in full size so you will have to make sure you cut them down to fit your eye. When they are the right size they are completely comfortable. They are lush though so they have a little weight but nothing that is irritating. Overall I LOVE THEM. I almost want to splurge and buy 100 sets in case they ever stop selling them! LOVE Innisfree !


These lashes are amazing

I have bought lashes in every price range imaginable and these rank right up there with the best, especially for the price. I ordered a very well known brand right before ordering these, they cost me $50, with shipping, the quality was not even comprable. These 15mm are amazing. Ive done the research on beauty products and these dont lift, are reusable and best of all look amazing and not plasticy.



I will defiantly be buying a second pair


I’m a professional makeup artist and when brides tell me they want a perfect lash I send them to Innisfree Lashes to buy the 15mm mink lashes! I wear them daily and one pair can last me a month! Great bang for your buck & high quality mink!
Lashes feel lovely and sit well on the eye. They’re a must have for anyone who loves lots of lashes! If you’re a bit hesitant, DON’T BE! You won’t be disappointed. I will defiantly be buying a second pair. Thank you 🙂


I will be buying this product again


FIRST THINGS FIRST: I will be buying this product again, and if you’re contemplating a first-time purchase - DO IT.

I bought two pairs based on prior reviews alone and am glad I did.

These lashes are everything and them some. Soft to the touch, yet they pack such a bold, beautiful look. I received quite a few compliments during my first wear yesterday They command attention to those beautiful eyes without looking gaudy or “over-the-top” extra. Their durability is amazing and the slightly thicker band works exceptionally for my big eyes. It assures a secure, firm grip and you need not worry about reapplying once in the day as I have with most lashes which has proven to be very frustrating.

They arrived in a timely fashion

I have no complaints whatsoever. Because Innisfree  Lashes is a really pretty vendor!!!



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