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3 classic skin care tips that make it easy to have good skin

3 Classic Skin Care Tips That Make it Easy to Have good Skin

1.  Three second moisturizing law

This law is highly respected in Korea by the heads of many brands, that is, to complete the moisturizing within 3 seconds after washing the face, and to quickly supplement the skin. In fact, this law comes from the results of clinical trials in the United States. The water loss after washing the face is the fastest, and it is better to replenish the skin in time.


2.  A small number of multiple shots

Compared with patting the water on the face once, gradually patting the makeup water on the face with a small number of times can make the skin more nutrient-rich. The specific method is to wipe the face with cosmetic cotton, and then put the lotion in the palm of the palm for several beatings.


3. Timely Excretion of body toxins

There are many ways to detoxify. Drinking more water and exercising can promote the detoxification of the body. This is the simplest way to speed up the metabolism of the body through urination and sweating, so that the body’s toxins can be photographed outside the body. If you’re really busy at work, it’s a good choice to go to the sweat steaming room once in a while.

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