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3D Mink Eyelashes Customer reviews

3D Mink Eyelashes Customer reviews

 my favorite lashes

Omg… got my silk lashes last week and super excited to add to my huge colllection of lashes bc I barely have any real lashes of my own.

Innisfreelashes are by far my favorite lashes for several reasons :  1. it came in super cute packaging  2. The lashes are the softest and feels absolutely real   3. love the design and style of the hairs on the lashes   4. natural looking and feeling   5. Long lasting and mutliple use.
Most of my false lashes only last one wear but these looks great even after a night of partying. Just saw that Innisfreelashes expanded their collection which I’ll be picking up
more to expand my collection of Innisfreeashes!

I’m in love…

Let me tell you about these lashes!!!! Oh my goodness, I was a little worried that they wouldn’t look as luscious and full like in the display photo. Wrong! Not only do they look exactly like the photo the lashes are long and super soft. The band is thick but I expect it be because the lashes are very dramatic & sexy. I love these damn lashes and I will be ordering again. they are super full so just make sure you have some great glue.
They are also reusable. I have used at least 4 times since. Oh! And the packaging- gorgeous! With fast shipping to boot. I’m in love. Definitely ordering again. And again. And again. Lol

I’m no expert on fake eyelashes but I LOVE these lashes!

I am absolutely in love with these eyelashes, I had to cut them a bit to fit my eyes but other than that they fit perfectly! In the past I’ve worn lashes that felt heavy and made my eyes look sleepy. But these are so light weight and comfortable I forget that I’m wearing them.
I’m no expert on silk eyelashes but I LOVE these lashes!
I’m so happy to have found these because they look natural, noticeable but not too dramatic. and are the perfect add on for any makeup look. I will definitely be wearing these lashes as many times as possible!. I will definitely purchase more in the future! And Obviously Innisfree is a good eyelashes vendor.

You get your money’s worth!!!

First off let me start by saying these lashes are GORGEOUSSSSSS From Innisfree Lahes . Surprisingly, both lashes are even better than pictured. I used the top lashes on a client and she looked beautiful. The band is a tad thick, which is great because you get your money’s worth. The hair from this eyelashes are well made, its a high quality . I would recommend adding a small thin layer of glue and allowing it to become tacky, then apply another thin layer!

These are by far the best lashes I have ever gotten.

As a person who loves lashes and have not been able to find a “go to” pair,I found it in InnifreeLashes. I have to say, these are by far the best lashes I have ever gotten. For the price that I got them for, these lashes are soft, high quality, and I use them to wear everyday. They’re not too dramatic, but definitely make my eyes pop. Perfect for everyday or glam up look. I will be definitely buying these lashes again.

These have been one of my favs

I am OBSESSED with these lashes. They are so fluffy & natural looking but they still give you that extra length which looks so pretty. These are some of the best and most affordable lashes. I have also cleaned and reused them and they still look great. Some of the other reviews say that the band is a little bit thick but in my experience while wearing them, if they are applied correctly you definitely won’t notice. These are definitely glam lashes and not casual lashes if that’s the look you are going for lol. I would also suggest that you trim this lashes on the outside to fit the size of your lids before applying them.
I’m constantly trying new lashes and these have been one of my favs & I always come back to them. I get compliments on my lashes literally every time I wear these & so they are my go-to. Anyways, I just absolutely love them. Innisfree is a pretty Eyelash Vendor!!!


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