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3D Silk Lashes Catalogue:

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Double layer ,strong support, can be used repeatedly 20-25 times.
Eyelash band moderately soft and can hold up double eyelids.
Everyone knows that mink eyelashes are close to our real eyelashes , but the general mink false eyelashes are almost single-layered due to the limitations of the production process.
3D Mink False Eyelashes Make your eyes bigger and more radiant, giving you a fascinating glow!

Here are the 3D Silk Lashes Catalogue, You can choose the eyelashes style you want !








Customer review: Definitely would recommend

I have used these lashes for multiple occasions, reusing them by sticking them in a warm glass of water and peeling off the glue after a good soak using tweezers. I can definitely say that, although I’m not a false lash fan, they’re a lot more comfortable than other ones I have tried. You will have to cut them to fit your eye, but they are already curled for you and the lashband is pretty thin. They look pretty natural and are very essential to a good makeup look! Definitely would recommend. And great for the price, too.

Customer review: SO SO SO PRETTY

SO SO SO PRETTY and thick and they look so realistic and 3d 🙂 were so easy to put on I struggle with the inner corner and the band was so thick and sturdy it was so easy to place am so happy will be buying more to have as backups bc these have changed my life! <3 These lashes are so soft and everytime I go out I get complimented or people can’t stop staring at my lashes ❤ the shipping was really fast and the boxing was nice and secure no problems at all . I like the innisfree eyelash vendor.
I love these lashes I have tried several different brand and this by far is the be they are exactly as pictured!!!!!! A great buy very thick
If you’re thinking about buying…JUST DO IT so worth the money will get so many uses out of these beautiful lashes 🙂

Customer review: Definitely a MUST purchase.

The first time I ordered these lashes I feel in love. I ordered them in Oct. These eyelashes are amazing!!!! The band is a little thick but unlike other lashes I’ve used with thick bands, it does not left in the corners a lot require a large amount of glue to keep on. I am in love with how thick and full these are without being overly dramatic. Definitely a MUST purchase.

I got a lot of compliments on these. LOOOVE INNISFREELASHES!!!

Customer review: Beautiful beautiful lash

I bought these lashes based on the reviews and OMG! I love them they are super voluminous! Just buy them!!! Beautiful beautiful lash.
Beautiful lashes – didn’t have too much of a hassle putting them on but they were a bit large for my eyes so I had to trim them (usually don’t have to do this although I know a lot of women do!) was just afraid to ruin them by doing so. 10/10 would buy again!

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