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7 Common Sence For Wig Wearing Every Day

7 Common Sence  For Wig Wearing Every Day

Wearing a Hair Wig is a fantastic way to give you confidence and change up your style. If you are wearing wigs every day, or want to make a start, here we give our top seven tips for doing so with ease, comfort and style, and addressing some common concerns about wearing a wig everyday.

Choose right size hair wigs upon your head measurement

If you’re planning on wearing wigs daily, you need to make sure your wigs fit correctly. Everybody’s head sizes are different, and wigs come in a range of sizes to accommodate for that. A wig that is too big will slide around throughout the day, and irritate your scalp. So, take accurate head measurements and choose the right size hair wig to ensure a proper fit.

Choose Human Hair Wig instead of Synthetic Wig?

Human hair wigs offer the most natural look and feel. The hair is soft and has a shine and movement, this is hard to replicate by synthetic wigs.I’d prefer human wig hairs even though it need to pay little bit more Dollars.

Wear a Wig Cap Liner

Our next tip is to wear a wig cap liner underneath your wig with every wear, even if you don’t have natural hair. A wig cap liner will help to keep your wig securely and comfortably in place throughout the day. It also helps to keep your wig clean by creating a barrier that protects your wig from the oils on your scalp.

Switch wig hairs up on different Lifestyle

Wearing wigs every day means you need to consider your lifestyle and the different hairstyles that suit your day-to-day activities. For example, if you work in a corporate environment, a loud and bright wig piece may not adhere to your company’s dress code or uniform. Or, if you are extremely active, a shorter wig may be most practical for your lifestyle. So, keep two or three wigs in your collection that you can rotate out on different days. By switching out your wigs, you can reduce wear and tear and improve their lifespan. You will also need to wash your wigs less often, which helps extend their lives.

Wash and clean your wig hairs every 8 times wearing

Washing your wigs is essential to keep them clean and to look refreshed, which is vital if you are wearing wigs daily. How often you should wash your wig depends on a few factors. Take into account how often you wear your wig, what type of climate you live in, how active you are, and how many hair styling products you use. However, as a rule of thumb, you should consider washing your wig after every eight to ten wears.

Don’t Sleep in your Wig

The inevitable friction between your wig’s hair and your pillow can cause knots, tangles, dryness and frizz. As a result, you will have to spend more effort caring for your wig and more time styling your wig when you get ready for the day. The damage that is caused by sleeping in your wig will also reduce its lifespan.

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