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Why do Consumers Prefer Mink Eyelashes even though Mink Hair is Very Expensive

Why do Consumers Prefer Mink Eyelashes even though Mink Hair is Very Expensive

Grafting eyelashes are popular before the 3D mink eyelashes are not present, because the eyelashes that are planted look more natural, but as the society progresses, the development of the Internet age and the pace of life accelerate, the cost of time is a factor that must be considered, and grafted eyelashes takes 1-2 hours at least , and the time cost is too high!

Grafting eyelashes are made by applying the chemical fiber eyelashes one by one to your own eyelashes. The eyelashes of the eyelashes will fall off from the third day with the metabolism of the human body. The left and right eyes begin to be asymmetrical, and the whole makeup looks like very bad.

Long-term grafting of the eyelashes will cause your own eyelashes to grow upside down or grow down. It will be painful when you touch your eyes slightly!

Once the grafted eyelashes are grafted, they can only express one style, the makeup style changes, and the eyelashes can’t follow the makeup changes. It is really too boring.

Therefore, non-grafted false eyelashes are very popular. Each one is a particular style. You can not only change your eyelashes according to the occasion, but also change your eyelashes according to your own mood. This is really great, isn’t it?

The most popular false eyelashes on the market are mink eyelashes, because it looks natural, very layered, the stems are very soft, and you won’t feel uncomfortable after taking them. You can work with peace of mind and enjoy life. !

InnisfreeLashes is the best lashes supplier , natural mink hair, CRUETY FREE, .the workmanship is fine, and the shape is more natural. You can change the mane style according to different occasions and different makeups, which is natural and sexy. Although it is a bit expensive, but it can last for 20-25 times. Want to see more styles, please click
Innisfreelashes is committed to quality is our life!

We treat our products like babies, and we cherish the quality of our products like birds cherish feathers.

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Bottom Mink Eyelashes Customer Reviews

Bottom Mink Eyelashes Customer Reviews

ad for about two weeks now! One of the best bottom mink eyelashes, with the tweezers super easy application. The eyelashes are very full and even makes you’re eye stand out. You get a great products the eyelashes & tweezers everything is well made. Comes with a cute and sturdy case so they won’t get damage the eyelashes will last a long time with proper care. I’m 100% happy with them been using them a couple of times now. The pictures does not do justed in person totally different if you like big full eyelashes to stand out these are for you.

I really do love but then and as long as you take care of them they are reusable!! They hair is so soft and looks so realistic it’s crazy! These eyelashes are absolutely beautiful.

They were perfect 🙂 I was kind of nervous because it was my first time buying fake eyelashes at all on Innisfree and I had so many worries but I found these and they were perfect! They were cute and came in different sizes the tweezers are perfect . They don’t look fake my boyfriend couldn’t even tell but he thought I looked nice he noticed something. They come in different thicknesses and you can trim off easily anything you need to. They were cheap and came with upper and lowers I had searched for just lowers and everything was kinda pricy. I will for sure buy more of these later on. Super cute I’m crazy about them 🙂

Such good length, and I’ve reused these without hassle at least 4 times. I love the black band. Most of the time I’d just put on these lashes with no other additional makeup and it would instantly add so much character to my face. The packaging is super cute as well; the lashes come in a magnetic cardboard rectangular box so it’ll be easy to transport. If they had a dash button for these lashes, I’d get it.

These are SO fun! And they were surprisingly comfortable. I could barely tell I had them on all night. I didn’t have to trim them at all either, which was very nice. The glue stayed on perfectly and I just wetted it with some eye makeup remover, a tiny dab and they came right off–didn’t lose any of my own lashes. In the picture, it looks like they are placed back from my lash line, but they really aren’t, .. Very pretty and I got compliments all night.

I just got these lashes and I really like them. They come on a clear, thin strip, but it holds its shape pretty well and Makes the lashes look better on the eye in my opinion. Excellent lashes, I am having trouble figuring out the bottom but as these are my first pair of bottom lashes that’s understandable.
I always have to trim off excess lash anyway to fit them to my eye so I didn’t find the extra bit of band annoying at all, but you will need to trim them. I thought they were pretty beginner friendly and you get a lot of good lashes that come in many different styles for a very cheap price.


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3D Mink Eyelashes Customer reviews

3D Mink Eyelashes Customer reviews

 my favorite lashes

Omg… got my silk lashes last week and super excited to add to my huge colllection of lashes bc I barely have any real lashes of my own.

Innisfreelashes are by far my favorite lashes for several reasons :  1. it came in super cute packaging  2. The lashes are the softest and feels absolutely real   3. love the design and style of the hairs on the lashes   4. natural looking and feeling   5. Long lasting and mutliple use.
Most of my false lashes only last one wear but these looks great even after a night of partying. Just saw that Innisfreelashes expanded their collection which I’ll be picking up
more to expand my collection of Innisfreeashes!

I’m in love…

Let me tell you about these lashes!!!! Oh my goodness, I was a little worried that they wouldn’t look as luscious and full like in the display photo. Wrong! Not only do they look exactly like the photo the lashes are long and super soft. The band is thick but I expect it be because the lashes are very dramatic & sexy. I love these damn lashes and I will be ordering again. they are super full so just make sure you have some great glue.
They are also reusable. I have used at least 4 times since. Oh! And the packaging- gorgeous! With fast shipping to boot. I’m in love. Definitely ordering again. And again. And again. Lol

I’m no expert on fake eyelashes but I LOVE these lashes!

I am absolutely in love with these eyelashes, I had to cut them a bit to fit my eyes but other than that they fit perfectly! In the past I’ve worn lashes that felt heavy and made my eyes look sleepy. But these are so light weight and comfortable I forget that I’m wearing them.
I’m no expert on silk eyelashes but I LOVE these lashes!
I’m so happy to have found these because they look natural, noticeable but not too dramatic. and are the perfect add on for any makeup look. I will definitely be wearing these lashes as many times as possible!. I will definitely purchase more in the future! And Obviously Innisfree is a good eyelashes vendor.

You get your money’s worth!!!

First off let me start by saying these lashes are GORGEOUSSSSSS From Innisfree Lahes . Surprisingly, both lashes are even better than pictured. I used the top lashes on a client and she looked beautiful. The band is a tad thick, which is great because you get your money’s worth. The hair from this eyelashes are well made, its a high quality . I would recommend adding a small thin layer of glue and allowing it to become tacky, then apply another thin layer!

These are by far the best lashes I have ever gotten.

As a person who loves lashes and have not been able to find a “go to” pair,I found it in InnifreeLashes. I have to say, these are by far the best lashes I have ever gotten. For the price that I got them for, these lashes are soft, high quality, and I use them to wear everyday. They’re not too dramatic, but definitely make my eyes pop. Perfect for everyday or glam up look. I will be definitely buying these lashes again.

These have been one of my favs

I am OBSESSED with these lashes. They are so fluffy & natural looking but they still give you that extra length which looks so pretty. These are some of the best and most affordable lashes. I have also cleaned and reused them and they still look great. Some of the other reviews say that the band is a little bit thick but in my experience while wearing them, if they are applied correctly you definitely won’t notice. These are definitely glam lashes and not casual lashes if that’s the look you are going for lol. I would also suggest that you trim this lashes on the outside to fit the size of your lids before applying them.
I’m constantly trying new lashes and these have been one of my favs & I always come back to them. I get compliments on my lashes literally every time I wear these & so they are my go-to. Anyways, I just absolutely love them. Innisfree is a pretty Eyelash Vendor!!!


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From Customer Reviews —–25mm Big 3D Mink Eyelashes

From Customer Reviews —–25mm Big 3D Mink Eyelashes

I have applied my own 25mm big lashes for over three months . When applied correctly they look amazing. I feel that they are bold without appearing fake. I receive many compliments when I wear them, ppl believe that I had them professionally done. When I tell them that I did them myself they are surprised. Worth the money, if you care for them well yo can get more than one use out of an individual pair in the pack.You won’t be sorry for this purchase!!

Ok, I am OBSESSED!. Must write a review! They arrived quickly as well and I was a little skeptical due to The price of the lashes as well as the quantity of the lashes for the price but, I decided to give it a try it. Am I glad I did! These are the thickest, fullest, longest lashes I’ve ever bought, I’ve recommended these to my friends too. They are very light and comfortable on the eyes. I don’t feel them at all! Lastly, . If you’re more of a natural girl…The 25mm big lashes might be a bit much for you, but I would still give them a try!
I was so excited I wrote this review based on what I have seen visually with the lashes, I have yet to try them on.

I love these eyelashes, . . The quality is very astounding, they’re shiny but it doesn’t bother me. I wore them today for Mother’s Day and they were simple and easy to apply. They look a little bit natural but with more volume and length. These are not extremely long but are soft as well. I strongly feel that these are set at a fair price for the amount you are receiving as well as the quality. In addition the base of the lashes (the band) are a little sticky with glue but they are nice and not too thick. Therefore, it is very easy to shape them to your eye and apply. This is my first purchase and I hope to continue using these! The style I bought is DH003/ DH012

Y’all. These lashes are amazing. I wasn’t sure at first because of the price. I love them! They aren’t plastic feeling. It’s a real real mink lashes without any other smell.The band is very flexible and soft. The lashes are comfortable on the eyes, non irritating. I did run a spoole brush back and forth across them to make the hairs look more wispie. Other than that they are perfect. This are a must buy! Will be purchasing other styles!

Something I look for primarily in my eyelashes are nice thick bands and tapered ends that are nice and soft. Well this set fits all the standards! The band is very sturdy and thick to make for an easier application than some others I’ve tried. Also, they are SO soft and natural (ish) looking. They don’t give the impression of “drag queen” lashes and have an elegant, yet bold look to them.
For application, I trim the lashes just a tiny tiny bit to fit my eyelids better,
I am definitely going to order more,I have purchased these x3 times over now and have yet to find anything wrong with them! I loooove the 25mm big lashes!!!

Pretty great 25mm big 3D mink lashes for such a good price. Band is extremely long, not super flexible but easy enough to apply. Best use is to cut them enough so they don’t go near the inner corners of your eyelids and use black eyeliner to fill the gap. They’re very natural looking and lightweight., still look natural. worth it if you don’t need them in a rush. Noticed that people complained about lashes covered in glue. I did not have this issue with any of the lashes. I’d recommend buying these lashes for everyday looks.

I have bought lashes in every price range imaginable and these rank right up there with the best, especially for the price. I ordered a very well known brand right before ordering these, they cost me $50, with shipping, the quality was not even comprable. These lashes are amazing. Ive done the research on beauty products and these dont lift, are reusable and best of all look amazing and not plasticy.
It is soft on my eyelids and it can be easily shortened with scissors to fit your eye shape.

I love the Big Lashes .

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Reviews of 3D Mink Eyelashes from customers

Reviews from customers

Below is one of the feedback from our customers, We choose lucky customers to write reviews on our website every day and look forward to seeing you next.


They pull together any makeup.

They’re so full and pretty!!! I wear them all the time and get compliments on them all the time. They pull together any makeup. The band is a little thick (which I like). They also come in a really nice box to store them in that keeps them shaped and safe.
Cleaning them is hard because water will mess them up. Just Use tweezers or your fingers to remove the leftover glue from previous uses. (Does not come with glue) if you want to fluff them out more, take a completely clean mascara brush (no mascara on wand) and brush through them with a slight side to side motion. I love InnisfreeLashes all lashes.
Hope this helped (*^ ^*)

 She is a great Vender!!!

these are by far my favorite lashes, great quality! Much better than I expect, especially for the price! Lashes feel lovely and sit well on the eye. I’ve bought about 5 pairs overtime and depending on how well you take care of them they can last about a month! Worth the price! Be careful when you’re removing glue because they maybe shed if you are too harsh
If you’re a bit hesitant, DON’T BE! You won’t be disappointed. Becasuse she is a great Vender!!! I will defiantly be buying next time . Thank you 🙂

They’re fluffy. Very 3D looking

Anytime I’m wearing these lashes I get complimented on them. My main make up focus is eyes and eyebrows. These 3D mink lashes are a new staple in my beauty routine. I’ve used many fake lashes and these by far are the easiest to apply (imo). The band is thick (which I like) it gives the illusion you’re wearing eyeliner. I don’t do eyeliner (hooded eyelids). The only trimming I did on these lashes were at the inner and outer corner ends (the excess). These lashes fit my almond eyes perfectly. They’re fluffy. Very 3D looking. Super glam. I only apply mascara to my lashes and then just press together my real and fake lashes. I can probably use one pair for about 20+ uses if I’m super careful with them. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about these lashes. And I LOVE them very much !

Win win win!!!

I absolutely love these eyelash they are my fave glam eyelashes! I have bought so many lashes and these have a then band, flexible and easy to apply. These are my fav especially for the price! I’ve bought much more expensive ones and instagram hyped lashes and thesee win out every time! They are gorgeous, full, thick, lush and layered to perfection! I even wore these in my wedding day and happy I did! They hold up to many wears, they don’t shed like other expensive name brands I’ve bought before and they keep their shape!!!!

Win win win!!! Totally in love with these! And Love InnisfreeLashes!!!

They are very well made and very soft!

Verging on overdramatic but so is my personality so wth. These would probably be too dramatic for everyday use but they are very well made and very soft!
I love how these 3d mink eyelashes look and they are really easy to apply. Ive worn them twice already and they are really comfortable. When im cleaning off old glue i have to be very very careful. I love how thick and dense these are. I find that wearing glasses over these really help soften the dramatic effect. But i think they are beautiful for the price just be very careful and take good care of them and they could last a long time.

I would buy again ♥️

I normally pay $20-30 for other mink lashes. I wanted to see if I can find something more affordable and after reading reviews about these lashes I decided to give it a try. I’m absolutely in love with these lashes. It’s soo full I decided to not use eyeliner. They were easy to apply and looks amazing without mascara.
now I really like those eyelashes for big celebrations it’s durable and I’ve used it more than 10 times and still looks good.. everyone ask me about my eyelashes .. I would buy again ♥️


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Updated Reviews From Customers

Updated Reviews From Customers


Below is one of the feedback from our customers, We choose lucky customers to write reviews on our website every day and look forward to seeing you next.

they’re so crazy soft!!

Okay. Real talk here.
This wasn my first ever purchase of 3D Mink eyelash. I had no idea what to expect, but here it is:
The fur is soft, guys. Like, I have to restrain myself from stroking my eyelashes cuz they’re so crazy soft!!
The band is thick. The first time I wore them, I had difficulty, but then I got frazzled and rolled them around one of my makeup brush to make them a bit more curved and hey worked perfectly!!! Maybe it wasn’t just a bit too stiff before, But what I do know, is as soon as I applied them again after that, it was like a whole new world. They’re comfortable.
I will be purchasing 3D Mink eyelash again. I’d give it a 4.5 star, only because of the difficulty I had with the band, but once I got it figured out, it was all smooth sailing.

The best and most affordable 3D mink eyelashes

I am OBSESSED with these lashes.These are some of the best and most affordable 3D mink eyelashes that I’ve ordered . I have also cleaned and reused them and they still look great. Some of the other reviews say that the band is a little bit thick but in my experience while wearing them, if they are applied correctly you definitely won’t notice. These are definitely glam lashes and not casual lashes if that’s the look you are going for lol. They are so fluffy & natural looking but they still give you that extra length which looks so pretty.I would also suggest that you trim this lashes on the outside to fit the size of your lids before applying them.
I’m constantly trying new lashes and these have been one of my favs & I always come back to them. Anyways, I just absolutely love them.

 The lashes are even better than pictured

First off let me start by saying these lashes are GORGEOUSSSSSS! . i was definitely skeptical when i ordered these, but omg im literally in love, the lashes are beautiful!!. Surprisingly, both lashes are even better than pictured. I used the top lashes on my sister and she looked beautiful. I’m pretty picky with my came with a really nice applicator tool and overall I’d this these lashes a 10/10. They are super long so I has to trim like a 1/4 of an inch off since i have tiny eyes but I have no complaints!
The band is a tad thick, which is great because you get your money’s worth. Love this set and will buy again! Love Innisfree Lashes

 I will buy them all

I will be buying this product again, and if you’re contemplating a first-time purchase – DO IT.

I bought two pairs based on prior reviews alone and am glad I did.

These lashes are everything and them some. Soft to the touch, yet they pack such a bold, beautiful look. I received quite a few compliments during my first wear yesterday They command attention to those beautiful eyes without looking gaudy or “over-the-top” extra. Their durability is amazing and the slightly thicker band works exceptionally for my big eyes. It assures a secure, firm grip and you need not worry about reapplying once in the day as I have with most lashes which has proven to be very frustrating.

They arrived in a timely fashion

I have no complaints whatsoever. I am curious to see if the Innisfree has any other styles. If so, I’m buying them all.


The more you take care of them the better they look

When I first received the package of lashes, I was in such a hurry to try them out that I was applying them in the car. So I just took them straight from the package, put some glue on them, and slapped them on my eye. They looked horrible and clumpy!!
BUT THEN I realized that whatever adhesive was used to keep the lashes on the packaging was still on, and that’s what gave it that really think and clumpy effect. Because once I tried a different pair and I took all the adhesive off first, THEY LOOKED SO BEAUTIFUL AND NATURAL! But still thick!! I’m obsessed with lashes . I’ve worn the same pair for a week straight and I can probably use them for another week more! But then again, this won’t be everyone’s experience. The more you take care of them the better they look. I always brush my lashes out and clean them. But I just purchased again to stock up for next month! lOVE INNISFREE!!!

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How To Be A Good and Popular Eyelash Vendor ?

How To Be A Good and Popular Eyelash Vendor ?

Why is your eyelash business not successful?
Why do you have so many troubles in the process of doing eyelash business?
Why are the eyelashes you sell to your customers required to be returned?
Why do the eyelashes you order each time have not same?
Why do you like high quality eyelashes but want a low price?
Why are low-quality eyelashes given to customers free of charge, customers not want to get them?
Why can’t you be a good eyelash vendor?
Why do customers like to buy high quality eyelashes?
What is the quality trend of customers buying eyelashes now?


The biggest problem for customers who sell mink eyelashes is that the quality of bulk goods is unstable. The sample given to the customer is a style that looks too different when the customer receives the bulk eyelashes; the quality is uneven. The delivery time is unstable,. The customer has publicized it and will not be able to deliver it on time, thus losing the customer.

Without the ability to update new style eyelashes, the customer’s sensitivity to the style is always lagging behind, losing a lot of market and opportunities to make money. You don’t update your customers in a timely manner. Once new products appear in the market, your customers will immediately go to the new style eyelash vendor who has new style lashes. Low-quality eyelashes have no innovative style, they only put the lowest quality and lower the price.

Now that e-commerce is so developed, everyone knows what is good products, and what is bad products. The product that really brings you wealth is always of high quality.


Beauty is the pursuit of consumers after satisfying their living standards. Beauty is the ultimate. If beauty is not extreme, unnatural, and imperfect, then makeup is meaningless. This is the current deviation between eyelash suppliers and consumers. The high grade of consumers is high, and the concept of middlemen cannot keep up with the concept of consumers. This is the problem that why you are losing customers.

Consumers only want good quality eyelashes, as long as the quality is good, They are not stingy with money. and some middlemen only know low prices, low prices and low prices, and finally collapse in the low price and low quality competition!

If you make low-quality eyelashes, then I tell you that you will spend a full day dealing with customer complaints and product quality complaints, and your costs will be high.

Follow the consumer to make high-quality eyelashes, focus on sales, and focus on doing things better. When your quality improves, customers will come to you.


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25mm big lashes is really so popular

25mm big lashes is really so popular

In the recent period, our 25mm big eyelashes have been sold to a crazy state. Every batch of goods was sold out by customers. Weekly eyelashes are in short supply. Now customers are waiting in line to book. Many customers are complaining about why there is not enough stock in each order. I want to say that we are doing our best to solve this problem. Our factory workers also do their best to make 25mm big eyelashes every day, but even if the big eyelashes are so hot, We still insist on hand-made, absolutely guaranteed in quality; This is also our attitude,let’s take a look at our customers’ feedback:


I LOOOOOVE these lashes!
I’ve purchased mink lashes from a the Innisfreelashes on this site, Their exaggeration makes me crazy . however, once I chanced upon these beauties, I’ve stuck! After putting on my first pair, I ordered another set immediately!! The band is not too thick and it is never stiff. I never have difficulty keeping the lash attached like with some other brands. I absolutely adore how weightless they feel when applied correctly. Sometimes, when I put them on wrong, or forget to cut on the extension on the ends, they are scratchy and uncomfortable on my inner upper lid, however, that is my own fault when that happens. When I fall asleep in them, which is often, they hold up very well. I’ve found that all high quality mink lashes are reusable, and I often soak mine in plain water for about 5 minutes, then remove the glue from the band. Afterwards, I use a clean toothbrush to brush them while holding the lash curled against my finger. Once it begins to dry, I softly brush the lash hair upwards and outwards to create the full effect.

OMG these are the most amazing lashed I have ever used in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!! I get about 4 weeks use from 1 pair (like i wear them every single day).Very eye opening and full. I remove at the end of each week, wash them, blow dry them and put them back on. They look like they just came out of the packaging! If you take care of them, you will get amazing use from them. I never got so many compliments on my lashes before these! they make me feel crazy .The packaging is sturdy and cute and can be reused when you’re ready to take them off. Very high quality lashes. I’m sure I will be able to use them over and over. I loooooove the 25mm big lashes so much. She is so perfect!!!!!!

They are beautiful! At first after opening them I thought they may be too long, but when I put them on they are just so pretty!! Really Big eyelashes Normally I add mascara on my false lashes too, but these I didn’t have to at all! I absolutely love them!! One picture to show further away, and one closer up to see. Definitely ordering more!
Lol Loved these lashes!! Surprisingly super ez to put on! Crazy long & crazy full!! . LOVE!!

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3 classic skin care tips that make it easy to have good skin

3 Classic Skin Care Tips That Make it Easy to Have good Skin

1.  Three second moisturizing law

This law is highly respected in Korea by the heads of many brands, that is, to complete the moisturizing within 3 seconds after washing the face, and to quickly supplement the skin. In fact, this law comes from the results of clinical trials in the United States. The water loss after washing the face is the fastest, and it is better to replenish the skin in time.


2.  A small number of multiple shots

Compared with patting the water on the face once, gradually patting the makeup water on the face with a small number of times can make the skin more nutrient-rich. The specific method is to wipe the face with cosmetic cotton, and then put the lotion in the palm of the palm for several beatings.


3. Timely Excretion of body toxins

There are many ways to detoxify. Drinking more water and exercising can promote the detoxification of the body. This is the simplest way to speed up the metabolism of the body through urination and sweating, so that the body’s toxins can be photographed outside the body. If you’re really busy at work, it’s a good choice to go to the sweat steaming room once in a while.

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t make up, 3 tips make you look good.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t make up, 3 tips make you look good.

Many girls have their own opinions about whether or not to apply makeup. Some girls think that makeup is not good for the skin, so choose not to wear makeup. Some girls want makeup, but have seen countless beauty videos and still not get the essence of makeup. So Is there a way to looks beautifully without makeup?

1. Trimming eyebrows and find the eyebrows that suit you.
In life, we should listen to friends around us mention the importance of eyebrows. Eyebrows are very important to a person’s overall image. Even if you have a deep color eyebrow and a delicate skin, there is no good eyebrow shape, which only makes people feel embarrassed. Therefore, you should also trim your eyebrows at least. Finding the right eyebrow shape will definitely increase your beauty value.

2. Pay attention to skin hydration

What is the purpose of makeup? Of course in order to look better, use cosmetics to cover up our skin problems. How can you make your skin exquisite without makeup? Of course, it is well maintained! Since maintenance, hydration is essential. Our skin is exposed to the outside every day, so it will be short of water. Therefore, girls must do a good job of skin hydration work.

3. Apply lip balm

It is not enough to do the first two steps. Many girls will forget the most important point – lip balm.
Our mouth is very soft, and after the wind blows, our lips will dry and peel. At this time, We need the help of lip balm. I will apply a layer before going to bed at night, and the next day I will get a hydrated mouth. So lip balm is a must-have item all year round.