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22mm Mink Lashes

Some Pictures Show From My Customers When They Received The 22mm 3D Mink Lashes

Since our 22mm 3D MInk Eyelash DN style has been fired, we have received feedback from many customers. We really appreciate the silent support of these customers. I believe we will create more perfect eyelashes for everyone in the future.

I hope the following reviews can help you.

They’re so full and pretty!!! I wear them all the time and get compliments on them all the time. They pull together any makeup. The band is a little thick (which I like). They also come in a really nice box to store them in that keeps them shaped and safe.
Cleaning them is eazy. Just Use tweezers or your fingers to remove the leftover glue from previous uses. (Does not come with glue) if you want to fluff them out more, take a completely clean mascara brush (no mascara on wand) and brush through them with a slight side to side motion.
Hope this helped

By ———–Mercy


I wear fake eyelashes every day and I’ve bought drug store to high end styles of eyelashes. Bit the bullet and bought these lashes without any prior reviews and I do not regret it one bit. I purchased the styles DN05. They’re very light weight and luxurious feeling. I love the look of 3D lashes .These will give you the same look as Lilly Lashes or something without breaking your bank. Will definitely be purchasing these lashes again!

By ———–Sophia

I’ve been wearing eyelashes for ten years so I’ve had my share of lost money when it comes to falsies, but I LOVE these. The dn16 style lashes show exactly how they arrive in the photo. They are messy and wispy yet full and fluffy. Mine arrived on the 2th, I just put on my 2th pair today and it’s now the 23th. . I wear them every single day. I’m going on and on, but when I look at reviews I hope to read something like this. I’ve also never written a review so this goes to show how much I love them. Amazing price. Great quality. Absolutely worth it and I will continue buying them for as long as they sell them.

By ———–Olivia

The lashes are great for the price, I’ve ordered 3 sets of them over the last few months, the band is thick enough that the lashes hold up through multiple uses but thin enough that they are very comfortable and easy to maneuver.
Personally I like to use a spoolie to create a more wispy look and they work perfectly.

By ———–Tirrra

I have a lot of different sets of false lashes. I haven’t made the jump into lash extensions so I still apply mine daily. I really like these. They aren’t heavy and I can barely feel them on my eyelids. That’s a huge downfall with some false lashes. My sister is a professional make up artist and he even complimented these when putting them on me last weekend!!

By ———–Blair


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Please Note! This Kind Of Packaging Box is The Best Seller At Present !

Please note! this kind of packaging box is the best seller At present !

Last week I updated the new eyelash packaging catalog for everyone. Now we can customize 32 styles packaging with the logo ; and the price is similar, we have not changed is —- the minimum order quantity is still 30 pieces. if you need a blank box to test the quality, That’s right we can send it to you. If you need to customize your own box and accompany your own private logo, then the order quantity is 30 pieces, and the logo is printed for free, which is definitely the best policy on the market.

After our market research, we found the following 4 styles packaging are the most popular;

The first one is a rectangular black box with a rectangular window that allows you to see the lashes through the window even if it is closed. Inside the box is a rose gold glitter, most customers like the color of rose gold. Even Iphone has launched a mobile phone with a rose gold color. Therefore, it can be seen that the rose gold is welcomed by the whole world.

The second one is a rectangular gold-colored flashing box. The sparkling crystal is very popular among girls, and it looks like a real gold under the sun. The lashes are also very high-grade inside.

The third is a diamond-shaped box, all of which is laser-colored, and looks colorful . The logo on it is very beautiful. Definitely a easy matching model;

The last one is a classic rectangular marble box. The marbled road looks simple, but it’s very good. The inner box is also the color of rose gold. If you don’t know what color to choose, the rose gold is foolproof.

Ok, I will introduce it here today, and if there will be a better looking Eyelash packaging box in the future I will continue to update it for everyone.

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Which Styles Are The Best-Selling 25mm New Eyelash DL Series?

Which styles are the best-selling 25mm new eyelash DL series?

Recently, our designers have been very active in their minds. They have designed many new styles and series, 3D Mink lashes 25mm DL lashes series, 3D Mink lashes 22mm DN series and 3D Mink lashes 16mm DC series. This is really exciting. Due to the many styles, our customers don’t know for a while. What kind of style to choose is most beneficial to them eyelash business, today we will discuss the eyelashes of the 25mm DL lashes series.

Through our market research, we found that the most popular 25mm DL 3D Mink lashes are these three styles: DL04 / DL05 / DL08;

The first one is DL04, it looks like DH004, it is a cheap alternative to DH004, perfect. Do not have any doubts, this is indeed 100% 3D Mink lashes; the band will be stronger than the original, very easy to wear;

Then this is DL05, it looks like DH005 but it doesn’t look like it, it still makes a big difference. and the band are obviously thicker. This is because many of our customers have reported that some eyelashes band are too thin. This is also a small shortcoming of ours. In order to pursue perfect visual effects, some of the eyelashesband are indeed thinner. So our DL style band is stronger than the original.


Finally one , DL08, Woooow, Amazing It looks very thick and thick, layered obviously, this is too dramatic, I really like this exaggerated eyelashes, if you go to the party, wearing it is definitely the best, you will definitely become The focus of the audience;

The above 3 style are our hot selling of 25mm DL lashes . I will continue to update for you in the future. In the next 5 days, I will go to enjoy my May Day holiday and see you latter.

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Customized Exclusive Your Own Eyelash Packaging

Eyelash Packaging


Hi everyone, I haven’t updated my blog for a long time, and today I am bringing you our new packaging.

The following is our packaging catalog :

Of course you can also visit my Eyelash Packaging page,  my website has updated a lot of pages, and those who are interested in other things can also go shopping.

Closer to home, our new packaging is no longer as complicated as it used to be. Instead, it appears in front of everyone in a simple and generous image. The box is simple in style and looks very beautiful.

The most important thing for customers is the amount of order. The MOQ is 100 pieces at least before this , and 95% customers will not order 100 pieces packaging at the beginning of the first order, because they are afraid the quality is not good, or they don’t really like it after receiving the real packaging.

And Now this problem has been greatly improved, our minimum order quantity is 30 pieces, and you can also print your private logo for free. If you only want a sample of a blank box, then absolutely no problem.

Also, if You are not satisfied with the packaging in our catalog, you can also innovate on the basis of our box, or add something you like. We will still produce according to your requirements.

For example, the following is a pattern added by a customer on the basis of our box. The effect is very good, and her customers are very fond of it. Her eyelash business is also very good.

I have shown you these first . I will inform you of new product updates in the future. Stay tuned…

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The Feedback From My Customers


The Feedback From My Customers

My dear customer originally wanted to customize packaging13, but when I told her that the Minimum order quantity was 100 pieces , she hesitated, so I recommended her the most popular Diamond Case, and she immediately fell in love. After confirming the eyelash style, she immediately paid for it, Obviously her eyelash business is very good.. Now that she has received the eyelashes and the cases, I think she will send me feedback and make another order after a while.. Because our eyelashes are really popular and of good quality.

At the same time, I look forward to more feedback from you on my website(*^ω^*)

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Help you Start Your Own Mink Lash Line

Help you Start Your Own Mink Lash Line

Help you Start Your Own Mink Lash Line,We have enough confidence. Because we have enough strength.

Many of the self-proclaimed suppliers are actually middlemen. Today I will take you from a first perspective to visit our factory.

As soon as I entered the workplace, the environment was quiet and everyone was making our false eyelashes seriously.

The production process of eyelashes is quite complicated. Divided into a number of steps, Everyone has a lash production template map, according to the map ,step by step to put the mink hair stacked. And it’s not just a few times to put it on, it needs to be specific to each step, It’s not a matter of superimposing the eyelashes, but a layer of one by one. Quality is of course also impeccable.

The making of false eyelashes is a complicated technique that cannot be learned casually. Our new employees need to be trained for 3 months, and then an internship for 1 month to officially apply for making eyelashes.

It is a long process for the old employees to use a skilled approach to superimpose step by step and complete the final step by step. So our quality is really unique. Everyone can buy with confidence. Not worry the customer saying that the quality is not good, but I am worry that the customer does not know our quality.

We have so good achievements today , not only to thank our workers, but also to our designers, who can create so many styles of eyelashes, from the initial 13-16mm 3D mink eyelashes. Up to 25mm 3d mink eyelashes , now 20mm and 22mm 3d mink eyelashes, and each has different design intent and design concept. Our eyelash styles are many, has long styles and has short styles , which can meet the needs of different nationalities and customs of different people. So Meet the needs of all customers.

After you wear it, you have to feel it with your heart, you can really feel the meaning and beauty of its existence.

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22mm 3D mink Lashes DN-Style

22mm 3D mink Lashes DN-Style

Following the DH series DM series, we have now designed a new style DN series. Its length is 22mm, which is a centered length.

Since it is just introduced to the market, the current price is very favorable. There will be a discount on the number of orders.
I have chosen 3 more popular ones to show you:

The above are 22MM 3d mink lashes DN06 DN09 DN05.

DN05 looks very familiar?  Right, it is very similar to DM05, DH008, and they are also improved.


Now that the 22mm 3D mink eyelashes DN series has already caused a trend, I believe that it will become mainstream soon.

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New Style 3D Mink Eyelashes —- DN-Style 22mm Long

New Style 3D Mink Eyelashes —- DN-Style 22mm Long

Good morning, everyone. Life will not be the same, right? What’s the difference between you today and you yesterday?

Innisfree Lashes has introduced a new series of 3D false eyelashes., That is the 22mm 3D mink lashes DN-Style series eyelashes.

The following is the Catalog:

Some time ago, our 25mm 3D mink eyelashes and 20mm 3D mink lashes are popular all over the world . But Life will not be the same everyday. Life is to be competitive and have motivation. Isn’t it? The false eyelashes is the same.

And we are advancing with the times, constantly improving the craft, and constantly updating the style of the eyelashes.

So finally the DN-Style series was born, it is only divided into 3 styles, each style is 22mm long. They are all the latest designs.
Now 22mm 3D mink lashes is on trial business. The price is very favorable. Come and try it.

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Why is InnisfreeLashes 20mm Mink Eyelashes The Most Cost-effective?

Why is InnisfreeLashes 20mm Mink Eyelashes The Most Cost-effective?

InnisfreeLashes 20mm mink eyelashes are popular all over the world. Since this market is not saturated yet, there is no price competition, so dear sellers You can not sell at a discount.

The 20mm mink eyelashes are made from long hair on the tail of the mink, and the hair is curved and bright.

We use physical heating methods to physically correct the degree of bending of the mink hair, the hair is naturally bent, and the bending time is long.

InnisfreeLashes provides low-cost packaging to sellers, and if you work hard, you can pack at $0 cost and reduce the cost of the customer.

And provide logo design, make logo paste, short design time, long use time, you can get more than 200 logo pastes for 10 dollars.

Eyelash + Packaging + Logo + Transportation, the cost to the United States is very low, almost 100% of the net profit.

The core technology of InnisfreeLashes is the eyelash bending technique. Look at our eyelashes. Some of them are almost curved from the eyelash band to the tip of the eyelashes. These eyelashes are fluffy, natural, very fashionable and very popular.

After wearing our eyelashes, you will find that most of the other eyelashes are rigid, the color is dark (the chemical is made to bend and cause eyelash damage), the bending is small, the band is thick, and it is not easy to wear.

Buy InnisfreeLashes Eyelashes, we offer low-cost eyelashes, fast and low-cost packaging customization, good eyelash quality, high retail prices, so the price is very high, is the best type and start of your eyelash business.

Customers Just Want To Inquire About the Price, How To Deal it?