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Why do We Need to Update the Eyelash Style Frequently?

Why do we need to update the eyelash style frequently?

Why do ladys make up? Because makeup brings self-confidence and wins the respect of others. In this highly competitive society, there is enough confidence and respect from others to better handle work and enjoy life for women. And The essential thing for makeup is false eyelashes.

Makeup is not always the same, different occasions require different makeup. This requires, that our false eyelashes must also have different styles to match your makeup. For girls, it is their essence to be fond of the new and tired of the old, just like they have a full cupboard of clothes, but always complain that there is no clothes to wear. So the girl’s cosmetic case will always lack a pair of false eyelashes;

Therefore, we not only have high requirements for the quality of eyelashes, but also constantly innovate the styles of false eyelashes: natural, exaggerated, compact, tempting… Meet the ladys The need for the occasion.

Consumers are accepting new things faster and faster, and their desire for new products is getting higher and higher. We only have to constantly design new styles to give consumers the same experience in the first time to meet the needs of customers. Broaden our market and bring business opportunities and success to our customers.

So we must constantly introduce new styles, follow the trend, create trends, and satisfy the changes in the world.
. Meet the lady’s Fresh feeling;

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You Need An Anti-allergic Glue (part two)

You Need An Anti-allergic Glue (part two)

Last time I told you about the four hypoallergenic points, And today I will show you three low-sensitivity glue — no allergies, no chemical irritants, and good viscosity.

This glue is a low-sensitivity formula with mild ingredients and no irritation. If the skin itself is not sensitive, then this basic can guarantee 99% of people will not have allergies, anti-allergic glue, prevention of allergies is more important, I sincerely recommend that you should use anti-allergic glue, because I have heard too many people said that the initial use of ordinary glue, after a long time , all kinds of glue is easy to be allergic, this is chemical glue It takes a long time to stimulate the skin into sensitive skin. Novices use anti-allergic glue from the beginning, which can protect the skin from damage. Long-term wear of false eyelashes is not afraid of allergies.

The black glue is black liquid, sticky, dry, pure black, imitation eyeliner effect, suitable for the people who like to draw eyeliners often.

The transparent glue is transparent liquid, super sticky, transparent and dry, suitable for novices and all makeup.

White glue is super sticky, easy to remove makeup, no residue, no acidity, glue will not harden, but it will be very elastic, it will fall off from the eyelids, the eyelids will not hurt, clean up very much Convenience;

If you are not used to glue the brush,Please use a toothpick to apply it to the eyelashes.

Storage method: Store in a cool place, the recommended temperature is 18-23 degrees, too low temperature may cause component separation.

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You Need An Anti-allergic Glue (part one)

You need an anti-allergic glue (part one)

False eyelashes are really a magic weapon for women to become beautiful. Ordinary makeup will look very different when they wear fake eyelashes. The small-eyed woman with the false eyelashes is instantly enlarged, wear the lashes u must need the eyelash-glue.


Some people have a stinging feeling when wearing false eyelashes. The eyelids will be red and swollen after washing their face at night, and they will still be the same after getting up the next morning. Some people will never dare to wear false eyelashes after this happens. In fact, this is only caused by eyelash glue allergy, only a small number of people will be allergic to glue, as long as the choice of hypoallergenic glue will not have this problem.

The key to hypoallergenic:

1. The quality of eyelash products

The skin on the eyes is very delicate, and you should be very cautious when choosing false eyelashes or glue, especially those who are allergic. When choosing false eyelashes, you should choose good quality. You must always remember that there is no good goods at a cheap price. Eyelash glue is best to choose anti-allergic or medical grade, reducing the chance of allergies to false eyelashes.

2. Do a good job of cleaning

In the process of wearing false eyelashes, hand hygiene is very important, whether it is wearing false eyelashes or grafting false eyelashes before hand cleaning; pay attention to the cleaning of eyelash glue bottle mouth, which is the most susceptible to infection; Also, the method of storing false eyelashes should be done properly. When removing makeup at night, clean the unloaded false eyelashes and blow them dry. Put it in a box dedicated to eyelashes; to avoid contamination with bacteria.


3. Don’t rely too much on false eyelashes

The skin of the eye is extremely delicate and can not sustain the weight of the false eyelashes for a long time, especially the thick and long false eyelashes; when worn for a long time, the eyes will be tired and the eyelids will be itchy. As long as you stop wearing it for a while, you will naturally recover. Especially those who need to wear contact lenses every day should pay more attention.

4. Verification of allergens

If you are not at ease, you can go to the hospital to do a self-allergen test. Everyone will be allergic to some foods or items. If you have tested, you will know more about yourself. If you have allergies, you can easily find out the problem. The right medicine. Regardless of whether you are allergic to eyelash glue, allergens are cut off immediately.

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Choose the one that suits you best according to the characteristics of false eyelashes

Choose the one that suits you best according to the characteristics of false eyelashes

Eye makeup is the most important part of the whole makeup. Exquisite eye makeup not only gives people a sense of glamour, but also greatly enhances the overall image and temperament. Some girls have thicker eyelashes. Just paint a mascara after painting the eyeliner. But for people with less eyelashes, false eyelashes are a must-have artifact. Today I have selected some representative false eyelashes for you:

1. Realistic false eyelashes(Representative eyelashes-18mm DS09)

Crafted with exquisite craftsmanship, high-quality materials, easy to apply makeup, create a natural and realistic effect for you, bring comfort, beautiful and generous, with nude makeup effect.

2. Thick false eyelashes (Representative eyelashes-20mm DM16)

This is a very thick false eyelash, naturally crossed, moderate length, and can effectively fit the eyelashes themselves, making your eyes glamorous.

3. Soft false eyelashes (Representative eyelashes-16mm DS124)

The eyes are naturally enlarged to show the elegant and gentle temperament of the girl, the texture is soft, the length is moderate, the elasticity is good, the durability is durable, and it is very practical.

4. Natural false eyelashes(Representative eyelashes-18mm DS22)

Extremely fine-edged hair, elongated and enlarged your eyes, create an elegant nude makeup for you, it is suitable for everyday wear, enough to achieve a real effect. Consistent with your own eyelashes.

5.  Stage - wear false eyelashes(Representative eyelashes-25mm DL06)

By 100% Hand-made, exquisite and meticulous workmanship, super thick, a fake eyelash that is very suitable for the stage makeup, let your eyelashes fill the aura and charm

6. Comfortable false eyelashes(Representative eyelashes-20mm DM23)

Made of imported Siberian mink material, hand-made, comfortable and silky texture makes you have a pair of brilliant eyes, a bundle of three, clear roots, very no burd.

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Exquisite Eye Makeup, Starting With the Choice of False Eyelashes

Exquisite eye makeup, starting with the choice of false eyelashes

Choosing false eyelashes is a matter of learning. Novice makeup tend to go to two extremes, either particularly natural or exaggerated.

False eyelashes that are too thin can not enlarge the effect of both eyes. If it is too thick and too thick, not only uncomfortable, but also not match with

Nowadays, the false eyelashes on the market can be described as various kinds. In addition to the more popular man-made fibers, there are various animal hairs such as horse hair and mink hair, as well as human hair. Different animals hair have different degrees of softness and hardness. The horse hair is relatively hard, the mink hair is soft, and the fox hair is mostly colorful false eyelashes. There are also a variety of flying bird feathers, which are used in many stage performances. The price is more expensive.

In addition to the different materials of the hair, the false eyelashes are also sharpened.
Sharpening the tip is to polish the end of the hair so that it is as sharp as the real hair. Sharpened eyelashes will be more realistic and refined, which is also the standard for selecting false eyelashes;

The best is the mink hair , not only the soft texture, but also the makeup is very natural.

For makeup novices, it is recommended that you try different thicknesses, different curls, and different lengths.

For example, InnisfreeLashes has some 3D mink stylelashes: called DS22 / DM02 / DH003,  Zero touch air eyelashes are suitable for novices. There are not only 16mm/20mm/25mm lengths, but also a variety of styles. Nude makeup or party makeup, or heavy makeup, you can find the right one.

In addition, this eyelash has a double-tip design, which is not only lightweight, but also super-realistic. and it does not impose any burden.

AND this eyelash is also a flat U-shaped root design, which has a larger contact area with the your own eyelashes, which not only reduces the difficulty of wearing false eyelashes, but also makes it stronger and longer after being attached.

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Your vision is different from the customer’s vision, you should choose these styles! ! !

Your vision is different from the customer’s vision, you should choose these styles! ! !

Welcome to InnisfreeLashes Blog, since we have updated all the eyelash styles, everyone is confused.

Because of so many styles, you don’t know which one to choose for sale good, right?

Hahaha, many of my clients have said these wodrs to me :  “You update too fast at once, there are so many eyelashes , I don’t know which one I should to choose, because I don’t know which one is popular in the market. If I choose some style that is not popular, no one will buy my eyelashes at the end, then my eyelash business will fail” ;

Indeed, I think my client‘s thoughts is very reasonable. If you are a person who has just started a false eyelash business, you certainly have no experience in market demand, and your competitors will definitely not tell you what to do. Fortunately, you met me. Today I will give you a detailed account of the most popular styles in each eyelash. This is based on our real market research data.

The first one is the very good quality 25mm 3D Mink lashes . It is undoubtedly everyone knows that the most popular one is DH003. The exaggeration is very natural. Although it is very long, it is not dramatic. Absolutely the most popular of the 13 models; previously sold out of stock often ; our production speed can not keep up with customer demand orders.

Then there is the 20mm 3D Mink lashes called DM series. The most popular models are DM02 and DM05. DM02 and DH003 are very similar, in other words, the conservative version of DH003. The DM05 layering is obvious, and the two are very well recognized. The length is moderate, it is suitable for party.

Next is the 18mm 3D Mink lashes named DS series of common style, the most popular are 3 models, DS13, DS98, DS124, 18mm look very ordinary and natural, they are slightly longer than our own eyelashes, if you are a conservative person, or you want to participate in formal occasions and ask for light makeup, then these 3 are the best recommendations;

Then the 22mm 3D Mink lashes —DN style, the best sales are DN02 and DN06, 22mm style eyelashes are improved on the basis of 20mm models, the only difference is the process, DM can be used about 25 times, and DN It can be used 10-15 times.

The 25mm DL style, like the DH style, they’re 25mm long, but the DL is very exaggerated and very dramatic. If you are a non-mainstream one, then each one is definitely your favorite, the most popular one is DL08, because the DL08 is the most exaggerated, and is the favorite of any lady who likes dramatic eyelashes.

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How To Start The Eyelash Business To Earn More Wealth?

How To Start The Eyelash Business To Earn More Wealth?

As false eyelashes became more popular around the world, more and more people started eyelash business. Whether it is a college student, or a housewife, or a person who wants to develop a second sideline business, In short, false eyelash business is a good choice.

What’s interesting is that some people’s false eyelashes business is very successful, and some people do it very badly. I think This is not just the cause of luck….. Successful people must have the secret of his success.

Below we will share with you the commonalities of the success of several successful false eyelashes businessmen we know:

1. Have a reliable lash supplier
The first step you must take to start a false eyelash business is to find a supplier. The best supplier is the factory. because you will get the wholesale prices I mean the factory price, so that you have enough profit margin when selling eyelashes; Then a powerful factory/supplier must has enough stock and Large production capacity guarantee that the eyelashes you want to order will not be out of stock. It is necessary to pay attention to the middlemen There. You need to know how to distinguish between middlemen and factories. About How to distinguish them, I wrote in another blog ,you can find and read it if u have enough time.

2. The quality of the eyelashes should not be bad.
With the development of the economy, people are getting more and more wealth. Many people are spending money to buy something make them happy. As long as the quality of your eyelashes is good enough, I think they are willing to pay; if you only want cheap do not care the quality, then Your client will say goodbye after buy from you once.

3. Choose the eyelash style
Eyelashes are popular all over the world, and the aesthetics of each country are different, so you want to start your eyelash business successfully, and it is also essential to choose popular types. After our investigation, these 18mm 3D mink eyelash types (all pictures I show you on my blog) lashes in European and American countries are mainly popular . You can order a minimum order first, and then successfully order in large quantities. For all customers who come to us for eyelashes for the first time, we recommend ordering a minimum order quantity. Here are a few options, such as you will get 12pairs lashes include shipping cost when you pay $79, or you will get 10 pairs lashes and 10 pieces pachaging include shipping cost when you pay $95.

For more information please add my Whatsapp: +86 15266214610

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Some Pictures Show From My Customers When They Received The 22mm 3D Mink Lashes

Some Pictures Show From My Customers When They Received The 22mm 3D Mink Lashes

Since our 22mm 3D MInk Eyelash DN style has been fired, we have received feedback from many customers. We really appreciate the silent support of these customers. I believe we will create more perfect eyelashes for everyone in the future.

I hope the following reviews can help you.

They’re so full and pretty!!! I wear them all the time and get compliments on them all the time. They pull together any makeup. The band is a little thick (which I like). They also come in a really nice box to store them in that keeps them shaped and safe.
Cleaning them is eazy. Just Use tweezers or your fingers to remove the leftover glue from previous uses. (Does not come with glue) if you want to fluff them out more, take a completely clean mascara brush (no mascara on wand) and brush through them with a slight side to side motion.
Hope this helped

By ———-Mercy


I wear fake eyelashes every day and I’ve bought drug store to high end styles of eyelashes. Bit the bullet and bought these lashes without any prior reviews and I do not regret it one bit. I purchased the styles DN05. They’re very light weight and luxurious feeling. I love the look of 3D lashes .These will give you the same look as Lilly Lashes or something without breaking your bank. Will definitely be purchasing these lashes again!

By ———-Sophia

I’ve been wearing eyelashes for ten years so I’ve had my share of lost money when it comes to falsies, but I LOVE these. The dn16 style lashes show exactly how they arrive in the photo. They are messy and wispy yet full and fluffy. Mine arrived on the 2th, I just put on my 2th pair today and it’s now the 23th. . I wear them every single day. I’m going on and on, but when I look at reviews I hope to read something like this. I’ve also never written a review so this goes to show how much I love them. Amazing price. Great quality. Absolutely worth it and I will continue buying them for as long as they sell them.

By ———-Olivia

The lashes are great for the price, I’ve ordered 3 sets of them over the last few months, the band is thick enough that the lashes hold up through multiple uses but thin enough that they are very comfortable and easy to maneuver.
Personally I like to use a spoolie to create a more wispy look and they work perfectly.

By ———-Tirrra

I have a lot of different sets of false lashes. I haven’t made the jump into lash extensions so I still apply mine daily. I really like these. They aren’t heavy and I can barely feel them on my eyelids. That’s a huge downfall with some false lashes. My sister is a professional make up artist and he even complimented these when putting them on me last weekend!!

By ———-Blair


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Please Note! This Kind Of Packaging Box is The Best Seller At Present !

Please note! this kind of packaging box is the best seller At present !

Last week I updated the new eyelash packaging catalog for everyone. Now we can customize 32 styles packaging with the logo ; and the price is similar, we have not changed is —- the minimum order quantity is still 30 pieces. if you need a blank box to test the quality, That’s right we can send it to you. If you need to customize your own box and accompany your own private logo, then the order quantity is 30 pieces, and the logo is printed for free, which is definitely the best policy on the market.

After our market research, we found the following 4 styles packaging are the most popular;

The first one is a rectangular black box with a rectangular window that allows you to see the lashes through the window even if it is closed. Inside the box is a rose gold glitter, most customers like the color of rose gold. Even Iphone has launched a mobile phone with a rose gold color. Therefore, it can be seen that the rose gold is welcomed by the whole world.

The second one is a rectangular gold-colored flashing box. The sparkling crystal is very popular among girls, and it looks like a real gold under the sun. The lashes are also very high-grade inside.

The third is a diamond-shaped box, all of which is laser-colored, and looks colorful . The logo on it is very beautiful. Definitely a easy matching model;

The last one is a classic rectangular marble box. The marbled road looks simple, but it’s very good. The inner box is also the color of rose gold. If you don’t know what color to choose, the rose gold is foolproof.

Ok, I will introduce it here today, and if there will be a better looking Eyelash packaging box in the future I will continue to update it for everyone.

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Which Styles Are The Best-Selling 25mm New Eyelash DL Series?

Which styles are the best-selling 25mm new eyelash DL series?

Recently, our designers have been very active in their minds. They have designed many new styles and series, 3D Mink lashes 25mm DL lashes series, 3D Mink lashes 22mm DN series and 3D Mink lashes 16mm DC series. This is really exciting. Due to the many styles, our customers don’t know for a while. What kind of style to choose is most beneficial to them eyelash business, today we will discuss the eyelashes of the 25mm DL lashes series.

Through our market research, we found that the most popular 25mm DL 3D Mink lashes are these three styles: DL04 / DL05 / DL08;

The first one is DL04, it looks like DH004, it is a cheap alternative to DH004, perfect. Do not have any doubts, this is indeed 100% 3D Mink lashes; the band will be stronger than the original, very easy to wear;

Then this is DL05, it looks like DH005 but it doesn’t look like it, it still makes a big difference. and the band are obviously thicker. This is because many of our customers have reported that some eyelashes band are too thin. This is also a small shortcoming of ours. In order to pursue perfect visual effects, some of the eyelashesband are indeed thinner. So our DL style band is stronger than the original.


Finally one , DL08, Woooow, Amazing It looks very thick and thick, layered obviously, this is too dramatic, I really like this exaggerated eyelashes, if you go to the party, wearing it is definitely the best, you will definitely become The focus of the audience;

The above 3 style are our hot selling of 25mm DL lashes . I will continue to update for you in the future. In the next 5 days, I will go to enjoy my May Day holiday and see you latter.