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Choose the one that suits you best according to the characteristics of false eyelashes

Choose the one that suits you best according to the characteristics of false eyelashes

Eye makeup is the most important part of the whole makeup. Exquisite eye makeup not only gives people a sense of glamour, but also greatly enhances the overall image and temperament. Some girls have thicker eyelashes. Just paint a mascara after painting the eyeliner. But for people with less eyelashes, false eyelashes are a must-have artifact. Today I have selected some representative false eyelashes for you:

1. Realistic false eyelashes(Representative eyelashes-18mm DS09)

Crafted with exquisite craftsmanship, high-quality materials, easy to apply makeup, create a natural and realistic effect for you, bring comfort, beautiful and generous, with nude makeup effect.

2. Thick false eyelashes (Representative eyelashes-20mm DM16)

This is a very thick false eyelash, naturally crossed, moderate length, and can effectively fit the eyelashes themselves, making your eyes glamorous.

3. Soft false eyelashes (Representative eyelashes-16mm DS124)

The eyes are naturally enlarged to show the elegant and gentle temperament of the girl, the texture is soft, the length is moderate, the elasticity is good, the durability is durable, and it is very practical.

4. Natural false eyelashes(Representative eyelashes-18mm DS22)

Extremely fine-edged hair, elongated and enlarged your eyes, create an elegant nude makeup for you, it is suitable for everyday wear, enough to achieve a real effect. Consistent with your own eyelashes.

5.  Stage - wear false eyelashes(Representative eyelashes-25mm DL06)

By 100% Hand-made, exquisite and meticulous workmanship, super thick, a fake eyelash that is very suitable for the stage makeup, let your eyelashes fill the aura and charm

6. Comfortable false eyelashes(Representative eyelashes-20mm DM23)

Made of imported Siberian mink material, hand-made, comfortable and silky texture makes you have a pair of brilliant eyes, a bundle of three, clear roots, very no burd.

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