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Come Choose The Eyelash Style That Suits Your Eye Shape!!!

Come Choose The Eyelash Style That Suits Your Eye Shape!!!

Different people have different eye shapes. How can we choose Mink Eyelashes that suit my eyes to make myself more beautiful? Through the following blog I believe you will choose the most suitable eyelash style

One: Round Eyes, the eyes are very round, suitable for the long eyelashes, commonly known as the flying shape, after the connection, there is a visual effect of elongated eyes.

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Two: Long Eyes, the eyes are very slender, you need to enlarge the eyes to modify the shape of the eyes, you need to pick up the short tail, the long eyelashes in the eyes, commonly known as fan-shaped, so that the length can be modified into a circle

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Three: Hanging Eyes, that is, the tail of the eyes rises toward the temples, and it looks a bit fierce. Such eyes need a gentle eyelash, which needs to be extended at the tip or middle of the eye, and the tail is slightly shorter. It can be modified with an inverted flying shape or a fan shape

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Four: The Eyes Are Lowered, the tail of the eye is pulled down, and it looks lacking. Such eyes need to be lifted by a flying shape to lift the tail of the eye. Do not pull down the eyelashes, which will look more drooping.

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Five: According To Your Own Image And Temperament, if you have beautiful eyes, decide which one is suitable for you according to your dress and temperament, such as a slightly cute dress for a fan shape, and a charming temperament for flying.

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