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Eyelash Packaging Catalogue:

This is the Eyelash Packaging  wholesale eyelashes  price zone.

Every girl with false eyelashes should have at least one eyelash box, just like a lock with a key;

the box is a good place for eyelashes to protect eyelashes more effectively.

They box they come in is so cute and sturdy so you can keep and reuse them if you want.

Is has it’s individual safety box.

The follows are the Boxes Catalogue, You can choose the Several style you wonder !

Box-1 / Box-2 / Box-3

Box-4/ Box-5/ Box-6

Box-7 / Box-8 / Box-9

Box-10 / Box-11 / Box-12

Box-13 / Box-14/ Box-15

Box-16 / Box-17 / Box-18

Box-19 / Box-20 / Box-21

Box-22 / Box-23 / Box-24

Box-25 / Box-26 / Box-27

Box-28 / Box-29 / Box-30

Box-31 / Box-32 / Box-33

 The Feedback From Customer: This would be an amazing set 

The packaging I really liked because they can easily be wrapped as a gift.
Is has it’s individual safety box. And Comes with a cute and sturdy case so they won’t get damage the eyelashes will last a long time with proper care.

These are great. Lashes are not something I wear everyday , but for a special night out to really make your eyes pop then they are a necessity. This set is really cool as they look real and are soft and stay on well. They come in a cool box that is great for keeping them in when you are not wearing. This would be an amazing set for a person who is involved in any type of performance activities as you can really see them from far away.

The price it’s a really great . I’ve already recommended these to a few of my friends.I would definitely buy another pair from Innisfreelashes in the future or events.


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