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Customers Just Want To Inquire About the Price, How To Deal it?

Customers Just Want To Inquire About the Price, How To Deal it?

If a customer asks you about the price of the false eyelashes, it means that he/she is buying-conscious about the eyelashes.

Since he/she send an email to you, as long as he/she is not a person of the same occupation, you should cherish this email because the time cost is high and the customer will not waste time writing emails.  Customers are interested in making false eyelashes, so in the bud, he/she needs your help and guidance. You need to understand the customer situation and seek the their confusion.

Receive the mail, please repeatedly consider the customer’s mail, and ask the customer a simple small question according to the mail, which helps to grasp the their situation. For example: “Have you done 3D eyelashes before?” or “What product did you do before?” “Do you have a website?” “How do you know about our company?” Once you understand your customers’ needs and questions, let them know what our advice is and what we can do. After providing valuable information, tell the customer that you can make a choice based on your own situation! Don’t force the customers to make a decision!

After understanding the customer’s situation, the basic problems encountered by the customer can be expected. Basically divided into three categories:

[1] The customer has done false eyelashes before, just to find out the price.

[2] He saw that others sold well and wanted to inquire about the actual situation.

[3] This is a new world for him, and he/she is interested in it.

As long as them are interested in eyelashes, you can guide the customer
to judge the eyelashes:

I am very happy to help you. 3D mink Eyelashes is graded, must be before you decide to buy Clearly choose the eyelash grade and then buy it . If you want to know the high-end eyelashes, please click this page, the price of high-end eyelashes relatively high, Repeatedly used repeatedly 20-25 times, with comfortable, no pressure, it looks natural. The cost per wear is low.

If you want to know the middle and low grade eyelashes, please click this page. The low-end eyelashes are low in price and can’t be reused. It is unnatural, the band is hard, easy to break, the cost per wear is much higher.

So still choose high-end and competitively priced eyelashes.Therefore, our 3D mink eyelashes are just right for you, because our quality is very high, our price is cheap compared to the quality, our cost performance is very high, the products of different grades are not the same price.

Customers are advised to try samples and compare product market acceptance, product quality and service.

Master the rhythm of the negotiations and step up the customer to reach a deal.

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