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Customized Exclusive Your Own Eyelash Packaging

Eyelash Packaging


Hi everyone, I haven’t updated my blog for a long time, and today I am bringing you our new packaging.

The following is our packaging catalog :

Of course you can also visit my Eyelash Packaging page,  my website has updated a lot of pages, and those who are interested in other things can also go shopping.

Closer to home, our new packaging is no longer as complicated as it used to be. Instead, it appears in front of everyone in a simple and generous image. The box is simple in style and looks very beautiful.

The most important thing for customers is the amount of order. The MOQ is 100 pieces at least before this , and 95% customers will not order 100 pieces packaging at the beginning of the first order, because they are afraid the quality is not good, or they don’t really like it after receiving the real packaging.

And Now this problem has been greatly improved, our minimum order quantity is 30 pieces, and you can also print your private logo for free. If you only want a sample of a blank box, then absolutely no problem.

Also, if You are not satisfied with the packaging in our catalog, you can also innovate on the basis of our box, or add something you like. We will still produce according to your requirements.

For example, the following is a pattern added by a customer on the basis of our box. The effect is very good, and her customers are very fond of it. Her eyelash business is also very good.

I have shown you these first . I will inform you of new product updates in the future. Stay tuned…

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