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Do You Want To Double Your Eyelashes For More Thick?

Do You Want To Double Your Eyelashes For More Thick?

There are more and more popular 3D Mink Eyelash Wholesale styles on the market now. Many people feel that single eyelashes are not new and have no unique effect! Because everyone is more unique, all want to have better eyelash style to become more attractive! Now,Innisfree Lashes recommends a good eyelash style to you. Now it’s a secret. Look down and you’ll see!

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After you buy our eyelashes, you want them to be more unique! Now, Innisfree Lashes is going to teach you how to do the first step. First, you can fold your eyelashes into two layers, which will take you a little time, but in order to achieve sexy exaggeration, charming and plump effect is also very good! The thick outer eyelashes can be matched with a pair of crossed eyelashes, which produces an amazing appearance!

25mm Mink Lashes

Then put each pair of eyelashes together carefully, and then use double-sided adhesive to stick them together! And you should make sure that the end of eyelashes overlaps the end of eyelashes!

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Next, measure the eyelash size to fit your eyes. Carefully fold your eyelashes on your natural eyeliner and check the length. If you need a trim, just a little at a time. Glue it on your eyes, wow! It’s so beautiful! Let your eyelashes move! This is really a good way!

25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale

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