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Exquisite Eye Makeup, Starting With the Choice of False Eyelashes

Exquisite eye makeup, starting with the choice of false eyelashes

Choosing false eyelashes is a matter of learning. Novice makeup tend to go to two extremes, either particularly natural or exaggerated.

False eyelashes that are too thin can not enlarge the effect of both eyes. If it is too thick and too thick, not only uncomfortable, but also not match with

Nowadays, the false eyelashes on the market can be described as various kinds. In addition to the more popular man-made fibers, there are various animal hairs such as horse hair and mink hair, as well as human hair. Different animals hair have different degrees of softness and hardness. The horse hair is relatively hard, the mink hair is soft, and the fox hair is mostly colorful false eyelashes. There are also a variety of flying bird feathers, which are used in many stage performances. The price is more expensive.

In addition to the different materials of the hair, the false eyelashes are also sharpened.
Sharpening the tip is to polish the end of the hair so that it is as sharp as the real hair. Sharpened eyelashes will be more realistic and refined, which is also the standard for selecting false eyelashes;

The best is the mink hair , not only the soft texture, but also the makeup is very natural.

For makeup novices, it is recommended that you try different thicknesses, different curls, and different lengths.

For example, InnisfreeLashes has some 3D mink stylelashes: called DS22 / DM02 / DH003,  Zero touch air eyelashes are suitable for novices. There are not only 16mm/20mm/25mm lengths, but also a variety of styles. Nude makeup or party makeup, or heavy makeup, you can find the right one.

In addition, this eyelash has a double-tip design, which is not only lightweight, but also super-realistic. and it does not impose any burden.

AND this eyelash is also a flat U-shaped root design, which has a larger contact area with the your own eyelashes, which not only reduces the difficulty of wearing false eyelashes, but also makes it stronger and longer after being attached.

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