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This is  Eyelash Glue  wholesale eyelashes price zone.

Fine brush head type, easy to apply, no waste. It can be adjusted Glue amount at any time.

Easy to stick, waterproof and sweat-proof, no damage to the skin, strong adhesion, long-lasting eyelashes, easy to carry.

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Customer Review : This glue is amazing and easy to use!

This glue is amazing and easy to use! I would always buy black adhesive glue (other brand) since I would usually wear black eyeliner when wearing lashes, but the eyelashes would quickly peel off from the sides and the glue would dry to fast so you couldn’t adjust it if you needed to. BUT this Innisfree glue is perfect! At first when I put it on I was like OH NO its gonna leave glue marks on my black eyeliner (Yes I know it says it dries clear but I was afraid it wouldn’t do its job) however, once it dried it was exactly what it said…CLEAR! I didn’t have to touchup my eyeliner!!!! It was perfect, it lasted the entire day! inisfree Eeylash gule is really good eyelash glue vendor .


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