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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

The same is true for eyelashes, please wear her and feel her with your heart.

Here are the  Faux mink lashes Catalogue, You can choose the eyelashes style you like !







WAY PAST worth the money!

From customers view :

I never write reviews but I had to make a detailed review on these. HANDS DOWN THE BEST LASHES IVE OWNED. These other review do them no justice so I had to take it into my hands to show them alone no eyeshadow or eyeliner. They are beautiful as you can see!

I ordered S038 and are the perfect fit between natural but noticeable! They are soooooo fluffy and the lash band is amazingly thin; they almost seem like eyelash extensions! I can’t wait to order more natural ones and super dramatic ones and definitely WAY PAST worth the money! These will give you the same look as Lilly Lashes or something without breaking your bank. Will definitely be purchasing these lashes again!, Thank you for these amazing Faux mink lashes! I wear fake eyelashes every day,, Hope these encourages you all to buy them bc I do not regret it one bit .


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