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Feedback From Customer of Eyelash Brush and Glue

Feedback From Customer of Eyelash Brush and Glue


Feedback From Customer : Applicators are a must have for any one who wears make up of any kind

These eyelash brush are so versatile applicators are a must have for any one who wears make up of any kind.I honestly did not expect to much out of these. I figured I could use them as replacements for the ones that break that come with my makeup. These applicators are perfect for beauty professionals as well as anyone looking to keep their makeup and tools fresh for optimum use.These applicators are super soft and feel wonderful when applying makeup to your eye lashes. I won’t have to worry about buying more anytime soon. Also I love that they are pretty small and compact. These applicators have been working very well for me. I would definitely recommend. You can’t beat the price and these are well worth the money. The package is resealable, and fits in the makeup drawer nicely.

Most important of all:In a household with cats, my spoolies always get fine, tiny pieces of fur in them no matter what I do. I hate having to pick the little hairs out of my eyelashes! If I drop one on the floor I can’t use it because I cannot get the fur out of it. With these, I have a fresh, clean brush whenever I need one. These are made well. They are sturdy and do the job just as good as any spoolie in a full brush set.
These are exactly what I need.

Feedback From Customer : It is super effective at what it does

There are few products that I truly love. This one is one of them. Not only is it cheap it is also super effective at what it does.
I cannot tell you how many of these brushes I have purchased over the years. Various brands. Various prices. Some were prestige brands. And every single one of them BROKE. The whole brush piece eventually popped off of the stick…and I would use super glue to put it back together, but it wouldn’t hold forever. So I was looking for one that was all one piece. And this was it. Great for managing my eyebrows and eyelashes. It is small and lightweight and comes in a pouch that is easily reusable. Keeps it clean and unfolded.. I will be buying a few more so I have one in my purse and in my desk at work. Innisfree is a good Eyelashe vendor.

Feedback From Customer : These ones by far were better quality 

I bought these for a wedding from Innisfree Lashes and they worked out fantastic. I used them for combing brows and for mascara for lashes…the bristles are very soft and comfortable to use on clients and I love the black color so you can really tell how much product you are using. i also like that they come packaged in 2 packs of 50 but in a ziplock resealable bag. Very sanitary.The price is great for the amount you are getting. these ones by far were better quality and 10 times more product!

Feedback From Customer : I recommend  Innisfree eyelash wholesale.

I am a regular of false eyelashes. I used a lot of eyelash glue. The Innisfree glue is the most natural glue I’ve used. . It does not irritate the skin, but the glue dries very slowly and keeps flowing,. I first curl and coat my natural eyelashes with mascara. I allow the Innisfree glue to get a bit tacky and then dip an individual lash. If the glue is too fluid, it will not stick as well. After placement of the individual eyelash, wait about 1-2 min for the glue to dry. You will know it’s dry. It blends well with your natural eyelash color and thus imperceivable to the naked eye. I would then apply another coat of mascara to blend in my natural eyelashes with the synthetic ones. And then you’re done!

The Innisfree false eyelashes I’m using are very soft and very absorbent. They have both natural and dramatic styles. I recommend  Innisfree eyelash wholesale.


Feedback From Customer : She is so clean and pure

I love this eyelash glue. I wish I’d discovered it sooner. I have sensitive eyes and ocular rosacea, so I must be careful about what products I use around my eyes. This doesn’t irritate my eyes or lashline. I love that this glue doesn’t have latex. There is no odor. It dries clear. The glue remnants come off your lashes easily by just picking it off with your fingernails.

I wear lashes once or twice a week for stage performance, and this glue does the job to hold them on for several hours and through physical activity. You really only have to brush on a very tiny amount to make lashes stay on, and the applicator brush is perfect for applying just this small amount of glue to the lash band.

I love the Innisfree Glue

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