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Help you Start Your Own Mink Lash Line

Help you Start Your Own Mink Lash Line

Help you Start Your Own Mink Lash Line,We have enough confidence. Because we have enough strength.

Many of the self-proclaimed suppliers are actually middlemen. Today I will take you from a first perspective to visit our factory.

As soon as I entered the workplace, the environment was quiet and everyone was making our false eyelashes seriously.

The production process of eyelashes is quite complicated. Divided into a number of steps, Everyone has a lash production template map, according to the map ,step by step to put the mink hair stacked. And it’s not just a few times to put it on, it needs to be specific to each step, It’s not a matter of superimposing the eyelashes, but a layer of one by one. Quality is of course also impeccable.

The making of false eyelashes is a complicated technique that cannot be learned casually. Our new employees need to be trained for 3 months, and then an internship for 1 month to officially apply for making eyelashes.

It is a long process for the old employees to use a skilled approach to superimpose step by step and complete the final step by step. So our quality is really unique. Everyone can buy with confidence. Not worry the customer saying that the quality is not good, but I am worry that the customer does not know our quality.

We have so good achievements today , not only to thank our workers, but also to our designers, who can create so many styles of eyelashes, from the initial 13-16mm 3D mink eyelashes. Up to 25mm 3d mink eyelashes , now 20mm and 22mm 3d mink eyelashes, and each has different design intent and design concept. Our eyelash styles are many, has long styles and has short styles , which can meet the needs of different nationalities and customs of different people. So Meet the needs of all customers.

After you wear it, you have to feel it with your heart, you can really feel the meaning and beauty of its existence.

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