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Before grafting, you need to clean around the eyes to prevent the oil from affecting the durability;
When grafting, the glue should be thin, too thick glue not easy to dry, and the effect is not natural;
After grafting, try not to touch the water within 24 hours, the durability will better;
If The eyes are not comfortable, and eyelashes are not lasting more because the grafting position and the technique are incorrect.

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Here are the Individual Lashes  Catalogue, You can choose the individual lashes style you wonder !

C 0.03

C 0.05

C 0.07


C 0.10

C 0.15

D 0.03

D 0.05

D 0.10

D 0.15

From Customer——It’s convenient to do it yourself.

I HATE using mascara and now I don’t. Yeah! These Individual lashes are SO MUCH better than what I was using. These are more natural and pretty looking than the other ones. These lashes DON’T have a visible knot. I’m definitely sold on these, I’ve already ordered more. AND these stay on longer I guess because they’re lighter weight. I put lashes on myself with “professional” long wear glue. You have to be very careful with this glue. I go slow, use just a little bit of glue along the lash and I adhere it along my own lashes. I use a magnifying mirror in very good lighting and I think they look fantastic. I can’t imagine a salon would be able to do better. Also, because I do them myself, I can put a few lashes on and let them set a while and then do more later, unlike in a salon where they put a ton on at once and all that glue going on right away doesn’t seem appealing to me. I get to decide how much.

These lashes work great, don’t have a thick base and are easy to remove from the tray. I have ordered them twice and will continue to use them. I love Innisfreelashes.

From Customer——It’s convenient to do it yourself.

I use these for the weekend when I’m going out but not for anything too fancy. They look extremely natural. My boyfriend couldn’t even tell I was wearing them. I have pretty short lashes so I got the “short” size. I have to say they are really sort. I use the medium size ones for my outer corners of the eye, and these short ones the closer I get to the tear duct. I cut the medium size so that it blends in nicely with the short ones.
Great lashes for all occasions. Takes awhile and a lot of patience to put on but once you get the hang of it , it gets easier. I love how it looks with/without makeup, This looks flawless.

Thanks for Innisfree lashes.

From Customer——it looks really seamless and beautiful!

So far, I love them. This was my first time using individual lashes, and I have never had proper eyelash extensions either. For a newbie, I think they went on quite easily! The lashes flow pretty seamlessly into my natural. I can imagine that the knotted type would be more obvious than these, so I’m glad I got the knot-free.
To apply, I used clear Duo lash glue specifically made for individual lashes. I used about 15 lashes on each eye, and trimmed the 3 inner-most ones to give a graded look (although I think I can do a better job at this in the future). I applied the lashes to the underside of my lash line, rather than the top. This way, they blend more seamlessly and don’t create a lumpy lash line when viewed from the top. Just be careful not to get glue on your waterline and glue your eye shut!
it looks really seamless and beautiful!

From Customer——This is a great DIY for anyone who is looking to save a few bucks on long lasting eyelash extensions.

I love these lashes! For about 2 years I’ve spent nearly $80 on eyelash extensions every month, now I’ve finally found an amazing lash INNISFREE Lashes. I have had them on for two weeks now, and they still look amazing. I am forever loyal, and am excited to be saving about 80 to 90 bucks a month, but still have beautiful looking lashes! I get them in the 12mm, and they are dramatic, but still very natural looking. I would recommend these lashes to everyone .This is a great DIY for anyone who is looking to save a few bucks on long lasting eyelash extensions.


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