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This is the Individual Lashes  wholesale eyelashes  price zone.

Before grafting, you need to clean around the eyes to prevent the oil from affecting the durability;
When grafting, the glue should be thin, too thick glue not easy to dry, and the effect is not natural;
After grafting, try not to touch the water within 24 hours, the durability will better;
If The eyes are not comfortable, and eyelashes are not lasting more because the grafting position and the technique are incorrect.

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Here are the Individual Lashes  Catalogue, You can choose the individual lashes style you wonder !

C 0.03

C 0.05

C 0.07


C 0.10

C 0.15

D 0.03

D 0.05

D 0.10

D 0.15

From Customer——It’s convenient to do it yourself.

I HATE using mascara and now I don’t. Yeah! These Individual lashes are SO MUCH better than what I was using. These are more natural and pretty looking than the other ones. These lashes DON’T have a visible knot. I’m definitely sold on these, I’ve already ordered more. AND these stay on longer I guess because they’re lighter weight. I put lashes on myself with “professional” long wear glue. You have to be very careful with this glue. I go slow, use just a little bit of glue along the lash and I adhere it along my own lashes. I use a magnifying mirror in very good lighting and I think they look fantastic. I can’t imagine a salon would be able to do better. Also, because I do them myself, I can put a few lashes on and let them set a while and then do more later, unlike in a salon where they put a ton on at once and all that glue going on right away doesn’t seem appealing to me. I get to decide how much.

These lashes work great, don’t have a thick base and are easy to remove from the tray. I have ordered them twice and will continue to use them. I love Innisfreelashes.

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