Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions

Our eyelash extension:

• 100%Hand made of high-quality Korean PBT,so soft and fluffy !
• Super easy fanning design, very friendly to beginner lash artists
• A perfect eyelash fan can be made in a few seconds.
• Multi-layer gluing of fan-shaped eyelash roots

There are many people who think that Eyelash Extensions are too expensive and a little troublesome! But I don’t think anything can quite beat waking up to pretty eyelashes every morning. Eyelash extensions really add length and volume to your natural eyelashes without the need for mascara, more women are now trying lash extensions for the first time.

So, while eyelash extensions are a bit expensive, it’s worth it! Below I’ll tell you why I say eyelash extensions are worth it!

Lash Extension

Lash Extension

1.Looking Gorgeous For A Long Time

Eyelash Extensions can walk out without any makeup and still look drop-dead gorgeous if you’re wearing extensions.

Lash Extensions are designed to enhance the face and eyes semi-permanently, All you need is a pack of foundation and a concealer that’s safe for lash extensions. That means, you’ll look gorgeous day, noon, and night with lash extensions without having to take them off at the end of the day.

Eyelash Extension 

2.Say Goodbye To Mascara, Eyelash Curlers

When you use eyelash extensions, you get dark, long, thick, lush, and shapely eyes and lashes that don’t need you to apply a million coats of mascara or tweak the smudged eyeliner a hundred times.
Moreover, your eyelash extensions come with a pre-set curl and hence there’s no reason to use lash curler with Extensions anymore.

Easy Fan Fast-Fanning Volume Eyelash Extension

3.Save Lots Of Time

Anyone who knows girls spend a lot of time working on their appearance every morning. A big chunk of it owes to hair, skin, and eye makeup specifically.

Eyelash extensions naturally define your eyes and automatically make them look bolder and fluffier without other makeup tools.

If you want to get a light makeup then in the morning you can put on lipstick and go to work, saving a lot of time so you can still sleep in!

 Lashes Lifting 

4.Can Sleep With Them

If you’ve ever used Strip Lashes, you know how troublesome it is to remove it before going to bed
it takes a long time to remove strip lashes at the end of the day and reapply them again in the morning.

But when you have eyelash extensions, you can go straight to bed when wearing them. They won’t come off as easily as strip lashes during sleep because of the medical-grade glue used to stick them to your natural lashes.

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