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Please Note! This Kind Of Packaging Box is The Best Seller At Present !

Please note! this kind of packaging box is the best seller At present !

Last week I updated the new eyelash packaging catalog for everyone. Now we can customize 32 styles packaging with the logo ; and the price is similar, we have not changed is —- the minimum order quantity is still 30 pieces. if you need a blank box to test the quality, That’s right we can send it to you. If you need to customize your own box and accompany your own private logo, then the order quantity is 30 pieces, and the logo is printed for free, which is definitely the best policy on the market.

After our market research, we found the following 4 styles packaging are the most popular;

The first one is a rectangular black box with a rectangular window that allows you to see the lashes through the window even if it is closed. Inside the box is a rose gold glitter, most customers like the color of rose gold. Even Iphone has launched a mobile phone with a rose gold color. Therefore, it can be seen that the rose gold is welcomed by the whole world.

The second one is a rectangular gold-colored flashing box. The sparkling crystal is very popular among girls, and it looks like a real gold under the sun. The lashes are also very high-grade inside.

The third is a diamond-shaped box, all of which is laser-colored, and looks colorful . The logo on it is very beautiful. Definitely a easy matching model;

The last one is a classic rectangular marble box. The marbled road looks simple, but it’s very good. The inner box is also the color of rose gold. If you don’t know what color to choose, the rose gold is foolproof.

Ok, I will introduce it here today, and if there will be a better looking Eyelash packaging box in the future I will continue to update it for everyone.

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