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The Comments From Loyal Customers

The Comments From Loyal Customers


I absolutely LOVE these lashes. .

They brought all my looks together and stayed put so well. They’re super full and wispy, so easy to put on.I absolutely LOVE these 15mm lashes. . I get a lot of compliments. I wear them with both a natural makeup look and a more “beat” makeup look.
Love them!!! Use them everyday. . No more having to layer the thin ones. I’ve used the same ones everyday for a month and they still look good. Tip is to try your best to not get them wet. And the package is so beautiful too.

Very very pleased with my lashes!

I really like the variety of lashes INNISFREE has, so I was excited to get these faux mink lashes! The lashes look pretty flat, but with good technic and eyelash curler I was able to wing them up a bit more which I love! I so far have only tried out the upper lashes, and I am excited to try the bottom pair that are more full and long . overall, very very pleased with my lashes! They are two in one! Amazing’ 😭❤️✨


I have been searching for not only good quality reusable mink falsies, Thanks for Innisfree Lashes!!!

THE PACKAGING. It not only has very high quality, sturdy packaging, it provides instructions on how to apply for anyone who may want more help. I love it!!!

THE LASHES ARE PERFECT. I wore the top style, flared but short and spunky as an everyday style and the lower style I wore when I went out with my friends.

I usually suggest slightly trimming the ends of the lashes to get the excess band off. This helps it stick better on the inner and outer corners, but that is with any fake lash!!

I will be purchasing again, but for now I will keep reusing my 16mm lashes!!!!


Customer Review : This glue is amazing and easy to use!

This glue is amazing and easy to use! I would always buy black adhesive glue (other brand) since I would usually wear black eyeliner when wearing lashes, but the eyelashes would quickly peel off from the sides and the glue would dry to fast so you couldn’t adjust it if you needed to. BUT this Innisfree glue is perfect! At first when I put it on I was like OH NO its gonna leave glue marks on my black eyeliner (Yes I know it says it dries clear but I was afraid it wouldn’t do its job) however, once it dried it was exactly what it said…CLEAR! I didn’t have to touchup my eyeliner!!!! It was perfect, it lasted the entire day! inisfree Eeylash gule is really good eyelash glue vendor .

it looks really seamless and beautiful!

So far, I love them. This was my first time using individual lashes, and I have never had proper eyelash extensions either. For a newbie, I think they went on quite easily! The lashes flow pretty seamlessly into my natural. I can imagine that the knotted type would be more obvious than these, so I’m glad I got the knot-free.
To apply, I used clear Duo lash glue specifically made for individual lashes. I used about 15 lashes on each eye, and trimmed the 3 inner-most ones to give a graded look (although I think I can do a better job at this in the future). I applied the lashes to the underside of my lash line, rather than the top. This way, they blend more seamlessly and don’t create a lumpy lash line when viewed from the top. Just be careful not to get glue on your waterline and glue your eye shut!
it looks really seamless and beautiful!

 Azazing and Super girly

That’s my first to try InnisfreeLashes case, Azazing!!! Super girly, light weight and easy to open but doesn’t just open easily which i like. I don’t want to have it in my bag and it just open by the slightest touch! definitely recommend it! you can fit more lashes or individual ones towards the top!!!

She is a Competent eyelash Vendor.


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