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The Eyelash Packaging Making-rules of InnisfreeLashes

Eyelash packaging making rules of InnisfreeLashes

1. If the original material of the Eyelash packaging is provided by the customer, the customer must be required to provide a clear and complete pattern. If the production is required to be made without providing an unclear pattern, the Eyelash packaging pattern may be blurred, and the customer will bear the consequences.

2. We can provide customers with a free design of the Eyelash packaging box simulation chart before the customer confirms the order. After the payment confirmation order, the customer can request to redesign three times, the Eyelash packaging box details are modified and adjusted to the customer satisfaction. After confirming the Production Craft list, the packaging box starts production.

3. Eyelash Packaging orders are subject to a minimum of 30% prepayment. The order cancelled before the start of production, deducting 10% of the order amount, the rest of the advance payment is returned. Orders cannot be cancelled after the packaging box has been produced.

4. Orders with orders below 1000 will be completed within 15 working days after production confirmation. Please wait patiently.

5. The Eyelash packaging box simulation will be provided to the customer within 24 hours of the working day after the customer has made a clear request.

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