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Which Styles Are The Best-Selling 25mm New Eyelash DL Series?

Which styles are the best-selling 25mm new eyelash DL series?

Recently, our designers have been very active in their minds. They have designed many new styles and series, 3D Mink lashes 25mm DL lashes series, 3D Mink lashes 22mm DN series and 3D Mink lashes 16mm DC series. This is really exciting. Due to the many styles, our customers don’t know for a while. What kind of style to choose is most beneficial to them eyelash business, today we will discuss the eyelashes of the 25mm DL lashes series.

Through our market research, we found that the most popular 25mm DL 3D Mink lashes are these three styles: DL04 / DL05 / DL08;

The first one is DL04, it looks like DH004, it is a cheap alternative to DH004, perfect. Do not have any doubts, this is indeed 100% 3D Mink lashes; the band will be stronger than the original, very easy to wear;

Then this is DL05, it looks like DH005 but it doesn’t look like it, it still makes a big difference. and the band are obviously thicker. This is because many of our customers have reported that some eyelashes band are too thin. This is also a small shortcoming of ours. In order to pursue perfect visual effects, some of the eyelashesband are indeed thinner. So our DL style band is stronger than the original.


Finally one , DL08, Woooow, Amazing It looks very thick and thick, layered obviously, this is too dramatic, I really like this exaggerated eyelashes, if you go to the party, wearing it is definitely the best, you will definitely become The focus of the audience;

The above 3 style are our hot selling of 25mm DL lashes . I will continue to update for you in the future. In the next 5 days, I will go to enjoy my May Day holiday and see you latter.

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