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Why do Consumers Prefer Mink Eyelashes even though Mink Hair is Very Expensive

Why do Consumers Prefer Mink Eyelashes even though Mink Hair is Very Expensive

Grafting eyelashes are popular before the 3D mink eyelashes are not present, because the eyelashes that are planted look more natural, but as the society progresses, the development of the Internet age and the pace of life accelerate, the cost of time is a factor that must be considered, and grafted eyelashes takes 1-2 hours at least , and the time cost is too high!

Grafting eyelashes are made by applying the chemical fiber eyelashes one by one to your own eyelashes. The eyelashes of the eyelashes will fall off from the third day with the metabolism of the human body. The left and right eyes begin to be asymmetrical, and the whole makeup looks like very bad.

Long-term grafting of the eyelashes will cause your own eyelashes to grow upside down or grow down. It will be painful when you touch your eyes slightly!

Once the grafted eyelashes are grafted, they can only express one style, the makeup style changes, and the eyelashes can’t follow the makeup changes. It is really too boring.

Therefore, non-grafted false eyelashes are very popular. Each one is a particular style. You can not only change your eyelashes according to the occasion, but also change your eyelashes according to your own mood. This is really great, isn’t it?

The most popular false eyelashes on the market are mink eyelashes, because it looks natural, very layered, the stems are very soft, and you won’t feel uncomfortable after taking them. You can work with peace of mind and enjoy life. !

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