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You Need An Anti-allergic Glue (part one)

You need an anti-allergic glue (part one)

False eyelashes are really a magic weapon for women to become beautiful. Ordinary makeup will look very different when they wear fake eyelashes. The small-eyed woman with the false eyelashes is instantly enlarged, wear the lashes u must need the eyelash-glue.


Some people have a stinging feeling when wearing false eyelashes. The eyelids will be red and swollen after washing their face at night, and they will still be the same after getting up the next morning. Some people will never dare to wear false eyelashes after this happens. In fact, this is only caused by eyelash glue allergy, only a small number of people will be allergic to glue, as long as the choice of hypoallergenic glue will not have this problem.

The key to hypoallergenic:

1. The quality of eyelash products

The skin on the eyes is very delicate, and you should be very cautious when choosing false eyelashes or glue, especially those who are allergic. When choosing false eyelashes, you should choose good quality. You must always remember that there is no good goods at a cheap price. Eyelash glue is best to choose anti-allergic or medical grade, reducing the chance of allergies to false eyelashes.

2. Do a good job of cleaning

In the process of wearing false eyelashes, hand hygiene is very important, whether it is wearing false eyelashes or grafting false eyelashes before hand cleaning; pay attention to the cleaning of eyelash glue bottle mouth, which is the most susceptible to infection; Also, the method of storing false eyelashes should be done properly. When removing makeup at night, clean the unloaded false eyelashes and blow them dry. Put it in a box dedicated to eyelashes; to avoid contamination with bacteria.


3. Don’t rely too much on false eyelashes

The skin of the eye is extremely delicate and can not sustain the weight of the false eyelashes for a long time, especially the thick and long false eyelashes; when worn for a long time, the eyes will be tired and the eyelids will be itchy. As long as you stop wearing it for a while, you will naturally recover. Especially those who need to wear contact lenses every day should pay more attention.

4. Verification of allergens

If you are not at ease, you can go to the hospital to do a self-allergen test. Everyone will be allergic to some foods or items. If you have tested, you will know more about yourself. If you have allergies, you can easily find out the problem. The right medicine. Regardless of whether you are allergic to eyelash glue, allergens are cut off immediately.

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