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You Need An Anti-allergic Glue (part two)

You Need An Anti-allergic Glue (part two)

Last time I told you about the four hypoallergenic points, And today I will show you three low-sensitivity glue — no allergies, no chemical irritants, and good viscosity.

This glue is a low-sensitivity formula with mild ingredients and no irritation. If the skin itself is not sensitive, then this basic can guarantee 99% of people will not have allergies, anti-allergic glue, prevention of allergies is more important, I sincerely recommend that you should use anti-allergic glue, because I have heard too many people said that the initial use of ordinary glue, after a long time , all kinds of glue is easy to be allergic, this is chemical glue It takes a long time to stimulate the skin into sensitive skin. Novices use anti-allergic glue from the beginning, which can protect the skin from damage. Long-term wear of false eyelashes is not afraid of allergies.

The black glue is black liquid, sticky, dry, pure black, imitation eyeliner effect, suitable for the people who like to draw eyeliners often.

The transparent glue is transparent liquid, super sticky, transparent and dry, suitable for novices and all makeup.

White glue is super sticky, easy to remove makeup, no residue, no acidity, glue will not harden, but it will be very elastic, it will fall off from the eyelids, the eyelids will not hurt, clean up very much Convenience;

If you are not used to glue the brush,Please use a toothpick to apply it to the eyelashes.

Storage method: Store in a cool place, the recommended temperature is 18-23 degrees, too low temperature may cause component separation.

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