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Your vision is different from the customer’s vision, you should choose these styles! ! !

Your vision is different from the customer’s vision, you should choose these styles! ! !

Welcome to InnisfreeLashes Blog, since we have updated all the eyelash styles, everyone is confused.

Because of so many styles, you don’t know which one to choose for sale good, right?

Hahaha, many of my clients have said these wodrs to me :  “You update too fast at once, there are so many eyelashes , I don’t know which one I should to choose, because I don’t know which one is popular in the market. If I choose some style that is not popular, no one will buy my eyelashes at the end, then my eyelash business will fail” ;

Indeed, I think my client‘s thoughts is very reasonable. If you are a person who has just started a false eyelash business, you certainly have no experience in market demand, and your competitors will definitely not tell you what to do. Fortunately, you met me. Today I will give you a detailed account of the most popular styles in each eyelash. This is based on our real market research data.

The first one is the very good quality 25mm 3D Mink lashes . It is undoubtedly everyone knows that the most popular one is DH003. The exaggeration is very natural. Although it is very long, it is not dramatic. Absolutely the most popular of the 13 models; previously sold out of stock often ; our production speed can not keep up with customer demand orders.

Then there is the 20mm 3D Mink lashes called DM series. The most popular models are DM02 and DM05. DM02 and DH003 are very similar, in other words, the conservative version of DH003. The DM05 layering is obvious, and the two are very well recognized. The length is moderate, it is suitable for party.

Next is the 18mm 3D Mink lashes named DS series of common style, the most popular are 3 models, DS13, DS98, DS124, 18mm look very ordinary and natural, they are slightly longer than our own eyelashes, if you are a conservative person, or you want to participate in formal occasions and ask for light makeup, then these 3 are the best recommendations;

Then the 22mm 3D Mink lashes —DN style, the best sales are DN02 and DN06, 22mm style eyelashes are improved on the basis of 20mm models, the only difference is the process, DM can be used about 25 times, and DN It can be used 10-15 times.

The 25mm DL style, like the DH style, they’re 25mm long, but the DL is very exaggerated and very dramatic. If you are a non-mainstream one, then each one is definitely your favorite, the most popular one is DL08, because the DL08 is the most exaggerated, and is the favorite of any lady who likes dramatic eyelashes.

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